Monday, August 3, 2015

Satan's Dog

 Well, this week was amazing. We baptized 3 boys. They are crazy!!!!! I love them. They remind me a lot of my 2 crazy brothers. It’s so fun to sit with them in church, but hard at the same time because the Joc in me wants to joke around with them and be crazy. But the Sister j. Baker in me wants to tell them to sit quietly. ha ha. It’s rough. ha ha But well 2 of them were from the sisters area but we taught them and everything so i think i will count them as my baptisms. ha ha. 
    Many miracles happened this week. I felt me and my companion guided by the spirit many times. I saw many miracles this week. Sometimes i felt like i was on 17 miracles. I’m not kidding. For example, the sisters had a baptism on Wednesday and we went to support them. Well the door to the baptismal font wouldn’t open and everyone was getting a little nervous. We were looking everywhere for the keys and we couldn’t find them. The sisters started to get really sad because it was really hard to get this person to church and to get her baptized but when i thought that it wouldn’t work the other sisters went to pray and i was in the hall with 2 elders and Sister Pinheiro was down the hall a little bit. Elder Phillips started to joke around with the door and he knocked 2 times and tried to open it and it opened. WHAT!?! Yeah. That’s right, 17 miracles! Also we were able to talk with 2 people that were grumpy and ready to send us away and we were able to talk to them with the spirit enough that they softened their hearts. One was the mom of the kid that was baptized on Sunday and the other is our investigator. It was pretty cool. I saw the spirit work a lot this week. 
     But well i have a story that will make you all pee your pants. I don’t know if it will be because of fear or laughing but hear we go. Soooo... this week we lost our keys to our house. So just the other sisters had keys so we left together and we would return to our house at the same time so that we could get into our house. So normaly, its all good and it was working for a couple of days. But tudo bem. So and also a minor detail there is a dog at our neighbors house that is CRAZY. He is suuuuper scary. when we pass by he barks and foams at the mouth and tries to escape to eat us. So anyways, me and Sister Pinheiro were returning home after a hard day of work. We were tired and so we started to return home. So we called the others sisters to see where they were at so that we could get home at the same time. but they didn’t answer their phone. But we thought its ok, it was about 8:45 and our curfew is 9:30 at the latest latest so we thought it was ok. So we were returning to our house and we turned the corner to see our neighbors devil dog LOOSE! I almost peed myself. I grabbed Sister Pinheiro and we started to walk slowly backwards. It saw us and started to come towards us. Thank goodness a car passed in front of us so we were able to run but we had to go another way to get to our house. So we went the other way and he was waiting for us on the other side!!!! Satan’s dog was chasing us!!!!!! Oh my gosh it was soo scary. So we went to some members houses close by but they weren’t home. We called the sisters, they weren’t answering so we spent about 30 minutes running from this dog. Well the streets were getting a bit dangerous because no one was in them. So we just kept moving trying to see if the sisters already got home passing to see where the heck was the devil dog. It was so scary, and you will never believe what happened next. There was a family on the corner ready to leave somewhere so we went by them to be a bit more safe and when we arrived on the corner they started to freak out! "ah! Don’t stand there!" and we were all confused and they said "Don’t stand there! A man left an offering de macumba for satan right now!!!!! and your standing on it!" Ah man i was about ready to die!!! There were weird strings all over and a bowl of food and alcohol and money. It was weird and not a fun thing to stand on. I didn’t like it. Well, we walked around for a little bit longer with a weird feeling of macumba and not peace, waiting for the sisters. Finally we called someone in our apartment to open the gate for us and we sat in the bottom of our apartment waiting for the sisters to enter in our room. It was terrible. ich. But it’s ok we laugh about it now and we were safe. 
Well i love you all. Thank you for your prayers. 
Love, sister j. baker

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