Friday, August 14, 2015


Momma Note: This week I had several family members call me to tell me that Joci had written to them.  They all spoke of the personal letters that were "so Joci".   The one letter may be slighlty inappropriate for the blog but since it is her scrapbook of her mission I decided to include it.  The picture is to my sister's girls.  Since they drew pictures for her she drew a picture for them.  It is of our families camping together.  Pay close attention to the Baker family and check out Zac and Al.   I don't have a copy of Mum's(my grandma) letter but she said it was a personal letter to her and that it meant so much to her.  Hearing about these letters was almost as great as receiving one myself!   Also I got on Sister Brown's blog and copied some of her pictures and so here they are. I sure love my missionary!  I am so grateful for her and for the support of her by so many people.  ~Momma Baker

Momma Note: The following is from Sister Emily Brown's blog.  It is talking about Joci and her investigator that she loves so much.  Joci has written all about her experiences the last few weeks.  It was fun to read about this from Sister Brown's point of view.  Joci loves Sister Brown so much.  It has been such a blessing for them to be together the past few months.  Sure love these missionaries!  ~Momma Baker

"This week the other sisters had a miracle baptism (I´m sure Sister Baker will explain all about it in her weekly email) of an "eternal" investigator - Mara. She´s passed through 4 or 5 sets of missionaries (me included) and she just wouldn´t be baptized. She went to church every sunday, had all of the church materials/apps downloaded on her phone, participated in gospel doctrine and relief society, and no one could figure out what was holding her back - other than Sister Baker and Pinheiro. She was finally baptized this week, and we were all SO happy! I think of that scripture in Alma 29 that talks about rejoicing in the success of others - we´re all a part of this work."

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