Monday, August 10, 2015

Best Baptism Ever!

Thank you all for your prayers because a wonderful miracle happened this last week. Mara was baptised. This was the best baptism i have ever had and i feel like i promised her before this life that i would find her and be patient with her and help her with all her doubts and that she would be baptised. She will be a wonderful help in this ward. The bishop already talked to her and marked an interview with her to give her a calling. Man oh man. It's wonderful to see the people that you baptised happy and firm in the gospel. I am so happy here. What started to be my worst area and the hardest area for me turned out to be my favorite. It's funny how when you trust in the Lord and do what He askes everything turns out just fine. 
    This week I met so many weird people. You know only on the mission you walk down the street and everyone stops and talks with you. We were walking down the street and 4 people stopped us and talked to us. Most of them were drunk and i think the other was crazy but still, if i wasn't a missionary i wouldn't have met these people. One thing that is cool is that people can see our light. They notice that we have something different. Most people don't try to find out what it is but they notice. It's pretty cool. 

I'm great. My health is great. I'm happy and healthy. and really happy. I don't know if i want to leave this area. I want to finish my mission here. ha ha. but i know i wont so thats fine. 
And that's all i have to say. ha ha. I love you sooo much. 

ps. i teared up at Maras baptism. it was sooo goood. i love her so much.

Well thats all i have for this week. I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. This week is transfers. Who knows what will happen?! It's always crazy.
I love you all.
Love, sister j. baker

ps. i teared up at Maras baptism. it was sooo goood. i love her so much.

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