Monday, July 27, 2015

The good and the bad...

There is always good things about my week and the bad things that i would rather forget. The good thing about this week is that i had an awesome Sunday. It was wonderful. I loved it. When we went to pick up our investigators and the 2 people that would be confirmed on Sunday they were all waiting in the front of their houses all ready and beautiful in their new Sunday clothes. It was sooo cute and almost brought tears to my eyes. It was awesome. The other thing  that was suuuper cool is that my recent convert is telling her friends about the gospel and she decided to bring her friend to church. It was such a blessing. They were all so cute and ready for church. It was wonderful to see my investigatores in the church benches all happy and loving church. Maria Rosa told me that every time that she comes to church she has an emotional experience. I love that. I felt so blessed to be a part of the spiritual experience of these people. 
    The other wonderful thing is that happened is that Mara is progressing again. I love that so much. I was really worried about her for a bit but now she is getting better and i bore my testimony to her and told her that she doesn’t need to be perfect and that Heavenly Father doesn’t want he to be a perfect little mormon who fits the perfect little mormon stereotype and that made her feel a lot better. I am so grateful that i was able to listen to the spirit and tell her the things that she needed to hear. 
   The bad thing is that our investigator with a baptismal date for this week was breaking the law of chastity and didn’t stop to be baptized so we are working with him a little bit with this so that he can be baptized on this next week. and also i get a little bit frustrated with him because he fears his friends more than he fears God. It’s been a bit hard to talk with him about this. I just get frustrated but i love him still and we are working a lot with him. 
   Today was an awesome pday. We spent it with some of our favorite people in the whole world. Jessi and Ausha and their families. I don’t think i have talked much about them yet, but they are wonderful. And if i return here (i will) i am planning on visiting them. We went the the biggest cashew tree again and Mcdonalds and Pirangi beach to see it, and it was wonderful. 
Well fam, I love you all you are wonderful. Thank you for your prayers 

love, Sister J. Baker

Oh mama i am so glad that you all had a wonderful week. I can tell you that i would have loved to go to starvation and to go boating but i am also super glad that i am here. This is a wonderful place to be. man we saw the beach today and lemme tell you. It is soooooo beautiful. I cant even believe how beautiful it is. 
I loved to hear about every single person. I can really imagine it,  just how it happened! I loved it sooo much. Thank you for giving me that.  (Momma note:  I gave details about our weekend at Starvation Res. )
Holy cow! It sounds like everything is exactly the same but different. ha ha. I cant wait to get there and to see how everyone changed and how everyone is different. This week i was thinking about how beautiful you are. I have a really beautiful mom. You really are breathtaking. Sometimes i think that you don't think that you are beautiful but i want you to know that you are really really beautiful and i want to be just like you when i grow up. 
You are an example to me. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for sending the chacos. I would look here but i think that our best bet is sending another because i think i am going to go to Mossoro or Souza and these places are a little bit more ghetto then where I'm at now. Well i love you and i am grateful for you.
love sister j. baker

Sounds like you had a wonderful week on starvation. man i miss boating. did you take pictures? i wanna see!!!!! 
You know i know that you say exactly what people need to hear.  (Momma note: Mark had his first High Counsel speaking assignment in another ward) I think it all depends on your intent. if you go to speak wanting to make everyone feel burned, they will feel burned. If you give a talk wanting to help people feel the spirit, ,they feel the spirit. I know that heavenly father helps us. Man i have given a couple talks in church and when i went to the front to talk it just flowed. I haven't gotten so used to talking and bearing testimony in front of people that i didn't even plan. I went to the front, i told a story about one of my recent converts and bore testimony and gave a scripture of the top of my head and it was perfect. Man, i have progressed a lot. Holy cow. I remember this and you know i can clearly see when i started to progress and when i started to develop the qualities that i have developed. It was when I started to have a hard time. When i started to struggle. Hard things make you grow. I know that. 
Well dad i love you soooo much and i love hearing from you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. 
I love you so much. My legs and hips are a lot better. The hurt goes to different places always. Now its a bit more on my feet and hips. It's weird but i am stretching and it is helping. 
I love you
love, sister baker

               Here are some pictures of the broken house that was in last weeks letter!

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