Monday, July 6, 2015

And yet another week...

Well its another week. This week was good, but still hard. as usual. I am starting to want to get out of this area. I have learned to love it a lot, but i am not capable to do the things that this area needs. I don’t know what i need to do but my heck its suuuper hard here. It’s rough. Yet another week that i didn’t baptize anyone. What a bummer. But i am working hard. It’s just been rough is all.
   It was the transfers week. I stayed with my child and in the same area. The only thing that changed is that Sister Lopes went to another area. She is now sister training leader. She will do amazing things. I love her to death. I hope to always be friends with her.  
   So one of the weirdest things that happened this week is 2 new old investigators that came in the our teaching group again. We had cut Gildo and Socrates because we weren’t being able to enter in contact with them for a couple of weeks and they wouldn’t go to church so we had to cut them. But this week, something crazy happened! Gildo appeared at church out of nothing! This man was athiest and he was sure that God didn’t exist but when he showed up in church he said that he missed it and felt the absence of the church in his life. WHAT! and so he changed his mind and said that he believed in God and that he just was incapable of feeling the Holy ghost. So, get this, he wants to watch us giving a lesson to other people to see how they feel the spirit. I told him he could, but how he could feel the spirit and receive answers was to pray directly to God. but he said that he didn’t want to force anything so he wouldn’t pray. But now we’ve got a shadow. It’s like being on the district with someone watching the lessons. It’s suuuper weird. Ha ha but i think we are getting somewhere. The other was Socrates. He was the reference from Temple square. Was on a vacation for a long time and we couldn’t get a hold of him but he called our bishop and said that he wasn’t able to come in contact with us but he still wants to be taught! wahoo!!! You know its really hard to get baptisms here but at least when we get baptisms they stay in the church and will be future bishops and relief society presidents. ha ha
   Our recent convert Fatima bore her testimony in church yesterday. It was the most beautiful thing i ever heard. She talked a bit about her baptism and said that she could feel the spirit more in her life and she was suuper happy being in the church. Oh my goodness i almost cried. What a change i have seen in her life. now we are trying to baptize her children. Miracles are possible. 
  Also, we have Mara. She is progressing too. Just slowly. She is awesome. She had a lot of doubts about Joseph Smith, but now she is reading all of Joseph Smith history and everything that she can get her hands on about the church to find out more. She is getting better a little bit by little bit. She made dinner for us the other day. It was the most delicious food in my life!!! In it was all the seafoods put together and with a special rice and sauce. It was soooooo good. Loooved it. She loooves us soo much. And we love her sooo freaking much. 

I got your first snail mail. it takes a little bit of time but not tonz of time to get your letters. Once every month we have zone meetings so thats when i can get your letters. Because i only go to the mission office then i could go more often, but it cost money and i have to do other things. But its great to get a lot of letters from you. I love to get letters. I am trying to send letters but its expensive and its difficult to get to the post office so i will figure out what i need to do to get some letters to you. 

  So to finish up, this area is suuuper hard, but we have some awesome people to work with and if we can baptize them they will go to the temple and do some awesome things for the church. 
I sure love you guys. Pray for me!!! As always, i thank you for your prayers and for all your love and support. i love you
love, sister j. Baker

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