Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't touch it! It will break!!

 Well this week everything in our apartment broke. I am saying everything. I’ll tell you the story. Well first of all Sister Coelho put eggs in the microwave to cook them. We all know that that doesn’t work. They exploded and the microwave burnt out. Then we were cleaning the house and Sister Pinheiro tried to move the fridge and the fridge door fell. Next, Sister brown and Sister Coelho were trying to move a big gallon of water and they put it in the sink and the sink fell through. Then i was washing the dishes and i went to turn off the water and the tap fell into my hands and water started spraying everywhere. I wont even mention the bed with only three legs and the water problem in our bathroom and our freezer the seals up with ice and leaks water. Man oh man. It’s a problem here. We are all fine but i think satan is trying to destroy our house. ha ha ha. But don’t worry, Sister Soares is coming to our apartment today to buy new stuff for our apartment. 
   The rest of everything this week was good. We baptised a grandma and a granddaughter. It was cute to see them it was a miracle that she was baptised. We had 8 investigators at church this week. It was a miracle and we have a lot of new investigatores who are wonderful. I am so excited for them. I send a picture of a family that will get married and then baptised. They are wonderful. Things are going good with our wonderland street. 
   We are teaching a man named gesse (its pronounced kind of like g.c.) he is so funny to teach. He will be baptised next week. and Mara hasn’t received an answer yet. She thinks that she already received an answer but she didn’t pay attention when she received it. I’m worried. 
   Well i love you all. You are wonderful. Keep praying. I love you
love, sister j. baker

A note to mom:
I don’t know Mara´s last name, sorry. I will find out. or you can just put her name in and Heavenly Father will know who we are talking about. Man i love the people i am teaching. I was thinking about when i go home the other day and all of the sudden i got a big hurt in my heart about leaving all these people that i love. But for reals i love these people, i love Brasil! I love brazilians! I love the culture. I love how you can go to anyones house and be welcomed there and its wonderful. I just want to live in 2 places at once. ha ha.
    Hey i know you love me and don't want to make a big deal but i just dont want you to worry. I'm fine. I will try to take my shoes to a shoe place to get them fixed but i dont know... i will try. I think itll work i just have to find a place that i trust. there are some places that will just rip you off. You know the sole of the shoe on the bottom? the solel ripped and the strap came out. I will take it to a shoe place. 
    Yeah i think it is my hip joint.  It doesnt hurt that much anymore. Ever since i told you it has gotten better. I think its all the praying that you do. and the family. Tell them thanks. and thank you. and i have been stretching a little bit. Now it just hurts when i get up in the morning. 
    It’s still raining every single day. It doesn’t stop. ever. and its like 70 degrees. Thats not hot. 
    Hey the bathroom and your room look really good!!!! good job!!! 
I just want to thank you sooo much for being my best mom. You are just so good to me. You always help me through everything and have really become my best friend. I love you so much and I’m glad that we can be best friends for ever and ever and ever. i love you
The family looks beautiful. 
love, sister baker

A portion of Dad's letter:
 I am wonderful this week. This week was a hard week but a good week. I think thats how all the weeks go. 
I love you dad and i am soo grateful for everything you do for me. You know i think the second that i told you guys about my legs they started to get better. I think its because you all started to pray for me. When i get up in the morning i hurt still, but its not as bad now. 
Thank you so much for everything. i love you more than words can say.
love, sister baker

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