Monday, July 13, 2015

Alice in Wonderland!

 Many miracles happened this past week. The first and most exciting thing that happened is that we marked the baptism of Mara!!!! Oh my goodness gracious. that is a real live miracle. She is the one who has doubts about EVERYTHING. from Joseph Smith to the Book of Mormon to the classes in church to the baptism to the law of chastity to the word of wisdom and everything in between. We had a good conversation with her. We decided on not giving a lesson and just having a conversation to talk about some of her doubts. and man did we talk. about everything. But finally i said "look, Mara, you have so many doubts and so many questions and you disagree with almost everything in the church and a lot of members. Why do you keep looking and wanting to find out more?" and she thought for a second or two and thought for another second or two and finally said "because I don’t see myself going back to the catholic church and this could very well be true." and so finally we got somewhere. We started to ask if she was reading the book of mormon to prove that it was false or true or to get an answer to her prayers and she started to understand that what she needed to do was ask her Father in Heaven for an answer if the Book of Mormon is true. We have already invited her to do this millions of times and we have even prayed with her and she has been reading everything in every church manual and the book of mormon a TON but she hasn’t been praying with faith to get an answer. So finally she realized that that is what she needs to do. So we said "hey lets take a step of faith and mark your baptism." and she agreed. We marked her baptism for august 8th. At first she was a little bit weird about it but before we left she started to say over and over "august 8th, august 8th, my baptism day" i am soooo excited. Pray for her that she can recognize the answer when it comes. 
 The other miracle is super weird but super cool. We were contacting people in the street and not having any luck so i remembered a street that was a little bit poorer than others so we went to contact people there. We started to talk to people and it worked more or less, but then someone said "you know the people on the next street love this kind of stuff! you should go there." But we were like "this is the last street on the block" and they said "no theres one more! Just go through this little skinny alley and you will enter into the next street" we didn’t see the alley so we asked them again and the showed us a little tiny little alley that barely fit my shoulders with a little gate so we went (i was a little scared but we just went) and when the alley opened we were on the last street in our area. Not a single other missionary found this street that has past here. We were the first. and everyone is practically asking to be baptized. We marked 8 baptisms in 1 day. It was a miracle. I felt like Alice in wonderland that went through the rabbit hole and found wonderland. This is a true story. 
Anyways i don’t think anything else happened, other than a hippy with dreds asked me to leave the mission and grab a backpack and live with him in the street. (i was tempted) but just this. I am loving life. I hope we have a productive week this week. Please pray for leonardo, rafaele, roberia, maria rosa and joberson, Naide and Fransisco. They need to be married to get baptized. So pray for them that they will have the desire to make sacrifices and feel the need to join the church. and pray for Mara who needs to get an answer. 
i love you all. Thank you for your support and your prayers. I love you
love, sister baker

Momma Note:  This is a part of my letter from Joc. 

MOM! I broke my chacos!!!!!!! I am sooo mad!!! turns out that when you walk almost 15 miles a day, your unbreakable shoes break. I think i’m going to try and glue them together but i don’t know if that will work. I might have to buy some new ones. I think i will use my others for now. But they are hanging on by a thread right now too. Man oh man i think that is why my legs are hurting, because we walk so much. It’s sooooo much!  Sometimes its a lot of pain but its mainly when i get up in the morning and when i stand up from sitting down and at the end of a really long day that we walked a heck of a lot. It’s mainly in my hips and my joint upper inner thigh and my feet. But i learned some stretches from Sister Brown and its gotten a lot better.  

I love you soo much. Don’t worry about me i’m fine and i’m being protected by the Lord every day. 
I love you 

love, sister Bacon

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