Monday, June 29, 2015

The names you can call me

This week was an adventure for sure. Things are getting a lot better. I am learning to love and help my ward that i am working in. That has been a real struggle. I have really had a hard time this transfer and i just keep waiting to be transferred. But now i am really loving this ward and all the people i serve. On Tuesday i was a bit (a lot) sad because everything was going wrong. We had to cut almost all of our investigators and we weren’t being able to get new ones because it is soooooo hard to reach the hearts of rich people so we were just walking in circles the whole week trying hard to teach a lesson. But then on Tuesday we all had an interview with the Mission President. My goodness. He is a very inspired man. He said exactly what he needed to say and it felt to me like he worked in my area for years and years when in reality he has never worked in my area. So he gave me a couple pointers and said that he knows and Heavenly Father knows how hard i am trying. He said that my area is different then all of the other areas in the whole mission because everyone is very very closed off. So what we need to do is work with all of the people that have already been baptized. All of the recent converts. So that’s what we started to do. We started to make a list of all of the people that have already been baptized and then we went to their house and started to ask teach lessons to them and start to teach their family if their family wasn’t baptized yet and then start to ask about their neighbors and stuff like that and like that we started to get investigators. Really good investigators. And now we have 4 investigators with a baptism date. Wahoo!!! We also have a family to teach. They are soooo cute! I loved getting to know them. 
   This week was the Festa de Sao João. (the Party of Saint John.) The majority of Brasil is catholic, so even if you aren’t catholic you get the opportunity to celebrate the catholic holidays. Wahoo!!!! So the church threw a huge party. Brazilians know how to throw a party. It was awesome! and our hardest investigators who haven’t been liking the church because of the coldness of the members LOVED it!!!! YESSSS!!!! We are finally getting somewhere!!!!!!! Mara is one of the hardest investigators that i have ever had because she will go to church every week and she reads the book of mormon and everything but she is very critical and doesn’t want to be baptized because of...  a lot of things. ha ha. But we are finally getting somewhere with her. She wants a calling in the primary and we will do a Family night at President Soares´s house and everything will be great. But She looooovvvveeeddd the party and she went to church with a smile on her face and stayed after to talk with people and to watch a baptism!!! Miracles are real!!!! 
    My adoptive aunt here on the mission is moving to another area :( I think i already talked about her. Klebione? She is still an investigator and will be for about another year. She is a hard nut to crack!

Ha ha there is a story with that (the names you can call me thing) and i forgot to tell it. Everyone here calls us sistings or elderas. and sisera and sisa and i am sister barbie. or barbie. It’s sooo funny. I have gotten used to call my comps sisting because thats what everyone calls us. It’s funny that even the members don’t know how to say sister. ha ha. 

Pray for my investigators. Mara, Klebione and the families.

Well, i love you guys! Pray that i wont be transferred :) ha ha Well, just pray that the will of the Lord will be done. 
i love you!!!!
love, Sister Baker

Mom Note:  Most of the pictures are from the celebration that the ward held.  The missionaries look like they had a fun time.  Such cute girls!  The other pictures have a story to go with them but my imagination won't be as good as Joci's story so we'll wait until next week or maybe 9 months to hear about those!  Love the pictures, love the girl!  ~Momma Baker

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