Monday, June 1, 2015

Amazing week!

This week was an adventure. Many things happened first things first i chugged a coke and almost threw up and then i wet my pants. But the really cool things that happened is that we found a family that we will baptise with 5 people and also we had a baptism of one of the sweetest people that i know. 

    First i will tell you the story of the family that we found. One day during my personal study i was reading about listening to the spirit and that when we pray we really need to talk with God and tell him exactly what we need and exactly how we feel and stuff and so i need to baptise a family and i was having a really hard time with listening to the spirit. So i got down on my knees and prayed and i said "alright Father, you know that i’m not the sharpest crayon in the box and sometimes i need to be slapped upside the head to realize that the spirit is talking to me. So the next time that i pass someone that is prepared to hear about the gospel could you just make it really obvious? thankyou." So that day i went the whole day trying to listen really closely and we were walking in the street and we passed 2 kids playing with a couple of dogs. In my area its suuuper rare to see kids playing in the street because usually they are inside because everyone here is super rich. But we just passed right on by them and continued walking and in my head i heard "kids=family. family=baptism. baptism=temple=forever family. This is your slap upside the head." and i turned to my companion and said 2 kids, family and she said the exact same thing and we turned around and started to talk with these kids. ai minha nossa. This family is perfect. That night the went to an activity with the ward and they loved it. They love us and they are sooo ready for the gospel. We will invite them to be baptised i think tomorrow. 

    The other is that we baptised a lady named Ana Carla. Her baptism was a miracle!! wahoo!!! We had her baptism marked for sunday but when we went to teach her she said that sunday wouldn’t work because she would go to a party for her nephews birthday and that she couldn’t stay after church and then she said that it wouldn’t work for another couple weeks because she didn’t feel prepared and i told her that as missionaries we have the authority to tell her when she is ready or not and that she was ready that same day and that she could be baptised today if she wanted . So she got all nervous and she said no way thats not going to work i don’t think i’m ready! So we talked to her a little bit more and said that maybe we should pray and ask God if He thinks she’s ready and if he thinks that she’s ready then she should be baptised. Well, she agreed and we all got down on our knees and she started to pray and it went like this "Lord, i need you to tell me if i should.... already got an answer i need to be baptised today. Let’s go get baptised!!" Me and my companion were in shock! We were like "ok?! really!! are you serious!!!" and she was like yeah lets gooo! So we baptised her that same day. Oh my gosh it was sooo cool! But we didn’t have a camera so the bishop took pictures and he will have to send the pictures to us and ill send them to you next week.

   Well that was my week! I’m super happy about it! i learned alot this week. We had a zone conference with Elder Massagarde which was good and i learned a lot and i need to try a lot more harder. 
Well i love you all! Thank you for your prayers!!! 
love, sister J. baker

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