Monday, May 25, 2015

It's a girl!

Sister Baker and new companion Sister Pinheiro

Well family, it turns out i am with child. Yup I’m training a greenie. When you are called as a trainer you get to be a "mom" of a "child". Yup so not ready for this life of responsibility. ha ha. The work here is getting better and better. I have the same area. We marked several baptisms this week. One being of a sweet girl who just happens to be from the religion that persecutes us the most. Its really great. She said that if God tells her that this religion is true, its got to be true. and she will be baptised. You know i wish other people would have the same train of thought because most people think that no matter what their religion is true. They aren’t even willing to ask God for an answer and if they do they aren’t willing to change their way of thinking. Wow. How sad. I’m really happy that this girl is willing to change. 
   I have some other news. I now have had 3 investigators who have killed someone. WHAT THE CRAP! but this guy is good. He feels remorse for what he has done. It will just be a bit of a process to get this kid baptized. He wants to be baptized too. Wahoo!!!
   So other than that, not many things have happened. This week was great. and its getting better. It’s just hard because i barely know what I’m doing and i just have 8 months on the mission and i am opening an area and i have to train a child who is suuuuper homesick. Just this. but thats ok because i am happy. The work is hard but it’s happy.
   I love you guys 10 much. Have a wonderful week. 

love, sister baker

Wow. I am sooo pleased to have soo many prayers in my behalf. you know i have gotten a lot closer to my heavenly father as well. its a wonderful thing. 
man i want to go out on the boat with you. hey go out on the boat just because and take a picture of me with you and then take a picture of you and the picture of me out on the lake. alright!? ha ha. 
I get to speak in church sometimes but usually its like "hey the person that was supposed to give a talk didnt show up. ask the missionaries!" ha ha its funny. but i dont mind. I just share an experience or what i studied that day or something. ha ha. Well im glad you are doing great. 
So one thing that I haven’t gotten used to is all of the homeless people here. I walk down the street and see like 3 people sleeping under a tree or they found an old couch and thats their home. its really sad. but what can you do about it? It’s really sad. 
Well daddy. i love you. I think you are wonderful. Thank you for everything. hey put my comps name in the temple the next time you go. Her name is Sister Pinheiro. She is really homesick and wants to go home. I will try and help her. If you could pray for her that would be great. 
i love you

I stayed. I’m a trainer. It’s all a bit crazy! but its a good crazy. 
 I loved to hear about your class it sounds like you like your job. I am excited to see you work. You know when i get home it might be a little bit before i have a job and everything. I thought maybe i could come into your class and help you. That would be sooo fun for me to see you work. It sounds like you are just doing an awesome job. You were born for it. I’m so glad that your brain is getting better. 
  Man that crazy that all my friends are leaving!!  I got the wedding announcement for Kaylee in the mail the other day.  I hope she’s happy. 
Well i was thinking the other day about how much i changed in the past 8 months. I am a completely different person. So many things have changed. I don’t even know how it happened or when it happened but i am a completely different person. I’m soo happy about that. 
Wow. Everything is changing over there too. Grandma retired. wow. All the kids are growing up. It’s awesome. Man i will do 9 months in a little bit. That’s crazy. 
I did get the package. Wahoo.  And the mascara and the makeup wipes. wahoo! Thank you 10 much. 
Well thats all i have. My comp is suuper homesick but i guess i just have to be patient and help her. 
I love you 10 much. Thanks for everything.
love, sister baker

There must be a story about this, Joci has a thing about sock monkeys

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