Thursday, May 21, 2015


                                                                    Monday May 18, 2015

Well good news people my week was a lot better. I have a lot of new investigators with amazing stories. I will tell you a few.

Socrates is a 55 year old man who is really fancy. He is rich and lives the big life. He was invited by his friend who helps build temples to go on a tour through the United States to see some of the temples there. He went to temple square in Salt Lake City and loved it. He talked with some of the missionaries in temple square, one being Brazilian and he thought that the church is really interesting and he wanted to know more so he wrote on the little paper "i want to know more" when he was at temple square. So the other day we received a reference from.... temple square! Wow! That doesn’t happen every day people. So we called him and made an appointment with him. When we went to teach him he wasn’t home. We called him and he didn’t answer. So i was hungry so i felt like i wanted to go to the giant grocery store that is bigger than any Walmart i have seen to buy an apple. When we were walking in the front of the store a car pulled up and a man started talking to us and he was like "hi I’m Socrates!" and we were like hey we’ve been looking for you! So we went to a table and sat down and he started to tell us his story and how he has been drawn to this church for some reason. and there you have it. He is wonderful and it built my testimony that God is preparing people for me to teach.
  Gildo and his wife and two other people that we are teaching right now. Gildo reminds me a lot of my grandpa Roger.   Yes Gildo wears kaky pants and blue striped button down shirts. He looks like he should be in England and he is a professor and fancy music. Get this people!!!!! He is a musical therapist and wants me to help him with is work!!!!! Woah! but he is awesome and goes to church all by himself and i think he is the next bishop of the ward.
 There are more stories but that’s all I’m gunna tell for right now. I love you all. You are all wonderful people. 
Peace and blessings.
I love you and i pray for you. 
The church is true
the book is blue and ill see you in a little less than10 months
love, sister baker

Here is a little excerpt from my letter:

Hi mom! How are you! I sure am good! I am happy and i am doing better. Transfers are tomorrow and if I am transferred I’m going to cry. ha ha. but i think i will stay here. 
I loved your letter today. It was good to read i felt so happy hearing about everything.

am so happy about the work you are doing at home. You are being such a good missionary. Work a little harder on the C family.  They need the gospel in their lives.
I love soooo much mom. Thank you for you example. I am doing so much better. Thank you for your prayers. I am learning a lot better how to listen to the spirit. This is something i needed to work on and get better at. 
Hey pray that i will be able to baptise a family.
I love you
love, sister baker

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