Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adventures in Potengi

Monday April 27, 2015

 Well this week was quite the week. Many things have happened in my house that i live in here in Potengi. One of the new things is that we found a cat in the street one day. It was raining and the cat was all sad so we brought it home. Well remember how much i hate cats. This cat is no different. It was a moment of weakness ill tell you that much. Well the first 4 hours were so fun. She was all sad so we cleaned her and everything and held her and petted her and then after 4 hours just wanted the stupid cat to shut up and stop wanting to be held and petted. Well, it peed on my dress and on my favorite pajama shirt, it pooped on the broom and peed on Sister Rodrigues's bed and I almost killed at the end of the week because i was so tired of this stupid cat. Don’t worry we gave it away to an investigator and i didn’t kill the retched thing. 
     The second new thing is that our house is almost on top of the rail road tracks and the train passes every three hours starting at 6:00 in the morning. The house shakes like we are having an earthquake. It’s hilarious. Wahoo (she said sarcastically)
    But on the investigators side of things... we have an investigator that has a real problem with smoking. and its not cigarettes, its a pipe. She smokes a freaking pipe people. She is almost 70 years old and she smokes a pipe. It’s been really hard to get her to stop because every time we try and talk to her, her son comes in and says that its going to be really hard to stop because she’s addicted. And we are all like "believe me! we know she’s addicted!  You’re not helping" and then he goes off about every other thing other than the problem at hand that maria is addicted to smoking a pipe. He talks about how his brother needs to come talk with us and that he doesn’t think drinking coffee is a sin and how his brother gave him all sorts of scriptures to have us read that wil tell us that our religion is wrong and stuff and we are just interested in helping Maria stop smoking her stupid pipe. That’s rough for us right now. Also we have 2 other investigators that need to get married. and he proposed on Saturday!!! wahooo!!! So that’s good news. they have an amazing story. They were both super hooked on drugs and selling drugs and drinking and stuff and one day she got pregnant. So she made a promise that she would leave the life of drugs and stuff if the baby lived, well the baby lived and she left just like that and now he is trying to stop as well. They are really strong and they will be baptized but it will take a little work. 
      Well, the mission is really hard people. But i love it any wheysssss. Sometimes i want to curl up in a ball and cry but i love it. 
Oh. One of my recent converts visited me in potengi. Remember luana? She is the sweetest person and i love her. She visited me. Made my whole day!!!!
Well i love you all. Have a good week and i’ll talk to you next week about MOTHERS DAY!!!!! wahhoooooooo! amen.
Sister Baker    

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