Monday, April 20, 2015


Well, I got transferred again. I started the transfer off really angry in my other area it was really hard for me because nothing was going the way that i wanted it to, so one day i just decided to have a good attitude and it changed everything around. Finally we had really good investigators, i was feeling like i was really making a difference, i was loving my investigators and i felt like the Lord was really working through me so i was sure that i was going to stay in Cidade Verde because finally things were working out.  We had a family (a dad and 2 kids) that i had prayed and worked so hard for that would be baptized the next week and also a sweet lady and her daughter that we were teaching she said that there was nothing that would stop her from being baptized and another family i was super excited. Well the call came for the transfers and i wasn't even worried at all because things here were going really good.   And guess what, i was transferred!  I was about ready to cry.  Everything that i had worked for was going down the drain. I wouldn't be able to see the baptism of that family that i had fasted and prayed for and my other investigators that i love so much. But i kinda just swallowed my pride and went with it. 

 Well heres news about my new area: you know a couple weeks ago when i went to do a division in another area. I don't know if i told you all... but yup thats my area.   Its a pretty great area. I'm excited about it, but the sister that was here before me is a little bit different.   She has some mental problems a little bit and was mentally ill for a couple weeks so there hasn't been much work done... but miraculously we had a baptism.  Potengi is my area.  It’s great.  I am happy.  My comp is just one month younger than me on the missh so she is wonderful and from Africa and speaks portuguese de portugual. It’s sick. (awesome)  I’m very happy.   My companion is an angel sent from the heavens above.   I am the senior companion which doesn't mean much of anything, so that i get to carry the cell phone and i am terrified of the cellphone.  I don't like it!!! it might be because i can barely understand  a single word in portuguese on the cell phone, but yeah whatever i'll get over it.   I looooove my companion.   She is from AFRICA!   Her name is sister Rodrigues.  Man i love her.  she could possibly be one of my best companions so far.   I love her guts. this is going to be a great transfer.   We just have to work our guts off because there wasn't a single baptism marked for the next 3 weeks. I have a lot of work to do but i think i will love it. 
The family that i taught was baptized yesterday.  I'm really happy that they were baptized and i will count it as my baptism even if i wasn't able to be there. The name of the man that we baptized is John.  He suffered an accident several years ago so he has the mental capasity of a child.  He would need to be baptized, but he has had sins in the past, so we baptized him.   He is really great and wants to marry me.  Crazy old people. 
Well i love you all!  Have a fantistic week! 
love, Sister J. Baker

A note to Mom:

 Thanks so much mom. That was a really sweet letter. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing with me. 
    You know i love to hear about your life and about the kids. You all are soo important to me. Thanks for everything. You know i feel really close to you as my mom and as my best friend and i am soo grateful that you are in my life and will always be my mom.  That is such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. It sounds like things are changing and staying the exact same at the same time at home. 

I would like to challenge you and the kids and dad to help the missionaries more at our house. Invite them to have a family night you call bring a non member family or something, anything. Because the members make the work easier or harder.  So have Zac and Al leave with the missionaries one day or for an hour or something. Do anything for the missionaries. It means everything to them! I’m serious. Giving them cookies or bread or anything. They will love it. Get a relationship with them. 
    I love you soo much mom. Thanks for everything you do for me. I  love love love love you. 
Be good. Remember i love you. Thanks for your prayers i will pray for you. Pray for a family for me to baptize. 
love, sister baker

Sister Morais and Sister Baker

Sister Baker, new companion Sister Rodrigues and Elder Harris

Sister Morais and Elder Harris

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