Monday, April 6, 2015

The biggest cashew tree in the WORLD!

Sister Baker, Sister Brown and the biggest cashew tree in the world!

 Well, we lost a lot of the investigators that i was really excited about which is a real bummer.  We went to the house of that family i talked about last week and they said that they thought it was great what we were doing and all but they had no desire to be baptized because they didn’t want to make a commitment they didn’t want to keep. we talked and talked and tried soo stinking hard to change their mind, but if there isn’t even a desire to make the commitment of baptism, then there isn’t any way that we can convince them. So they don't want our help anymore. but there is this other man with 2 kids who is an elect.  Really really.  I think i talked about him a couple weeks ago.  We did a contact with him on the street and i also invited him to be baptized on the spot, but he was in the area of the elders, well he doesn’t want to be taught by the elders, he wants to be taught by us because, well, sisters sometimes just have something about them ya know? ha ha.   But anyway so we are teaching him and his kids and they should be baptized within the next week or so. I am so excited for that because he is so excited about the temple and i can see him and his family in white at the temple right now.   They could go through the temple about the same time i leave. man. what a wonderful blessing.  I think that is sooo cool. and also there is another man who prayed to have an answer if this church is true, and he got an answer and will be baptized on Sunday.  Man i am so excited. I was loosing hope about this area because is is sooo hard and my comp has a problem with her foot so its hard sometimes because i want to just keep going and keep going because i can rest when i get home, but she has to rest because of her foot so i am learning patience. but i prayed really hard and i am doing all that i can and we fasted that we would have people at conference and we did we had 4 people so I’m super excited.   Anyways conference was good. it was a little hard because it was all in Portuguese without emotion really fast with a strong accent. So it was a little hard to understand.  I just had to concentrate really hard but i did it. it was all good. 
    oh! we went to the biggest cashew tree in the world. It was really neat.   I liked that. It looked like a giant forest, but it was only one tree. ha ha. We have some really cool members of our ward that like to take the missionaries to all the tourist sites, so we have been able to go to a couple really cool spots.  We passed by the beach, but we aren’t even allowed to go near the beach because of all the people unmodestly dressed.  So thats a bummer but we could look and man it is beautiful.   It was such a temptation.  I wanted to go sooo bad. 

You know sometimes i think that this whole mission thing is just like pull a place out of a hat, but then sometimes i feel like i am really making a difference and that i am really doing my job and i am supposed to be here. That is a good feeling. 
But wasn’t conference great! It was fantastic. you know i must be doing so good and being so happy and having success because of all the prayers. When i don’t want to do anything and i am frustrated and i want to take a nap instead of trying to get in contact with investigators there is something inside of me that just pushes a little bit and i can continue on. That has to be all the prayers. because at that point, Jocelyn Baker can’t do it anymore and she would cry and sit down and yell or something, but then all the prayers kick in and then Sister Baker can do it. You know? I feel so not alone with you all supporting me at home. I feel soo blessed and i thank God every day that i have a family that is supporting me at home. 
Thank you all for everything.    

Well, things are going soooo great. I am loving my area now. It just takes a lot of work ya know. ha ha conference was great! 
Well i love you all! Until next week. 
love, sister baker

Here are some answers from last weeks letter:

What song did you sing at the Zone conference?  
I sang "Mais perto quero estar" in Portuguese.  (Nearer my God to thee)

Is Sister Brown your companion?  Where is she from?  
Sister Brown isn’t my companion but she is in my district. She is from Orem, Utah.   My comp is Sister Oliveira.

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