Monday, March 30, 2015


Well, i know i already said this once or twice but man this area is hard. I love love love love the people and the members of the ward and the investigators that i have and the recent converts of others but man it is really hard to baptize here.  I just want to have a baptism every day and i haven’t had one in 2 weeks. and our baptism for the next week fell through because he didn’t go to church. Man it’s rough. It is really hard to get new investigators here because everyone lives in an apartment. and you can’t really walk into an apartment complex because there is a gate around it and you have to be invited in or the security guards won’t let you in. So thats rough but we are getting help from a lot of the members. I have faith that if we work unceasingly that we will be able to get a lot of people but right now it is just hard. but we do have a whole family.  Iam so excited to teach them! We have marked their baptism for the 12 of april. There is a boy and a girl 17 and 13 and a mom and a dad. I want to baptize the whole family. I cant wait. I have been praying sooo hard for a family. I want to baptize a family. Please pray that i can baptize a family. That is what i live for is the families here and i haven’t baptized one! I want to baptize families. So pray for that please. 
   This week was the zone conference. We have zone conferences every 3 months. It was really good and really well thought out but i came away thinking man i need to work soooo hard. ha ha sometimes its good to come away feeling like that. it gives me motivation. I sang at the conference in front of the president and his wife and all of the missionaries in our zone (natal capital) and thats a lot of missionaries. but it was really good. I made a lot of people cry. I just hope that it is because it was beautiful and not because they were all in pain. I saw a lot of people that i really miss at the zone conference. I saw sister cieslak my comp in Alecrim and i saw elder Chagas and elder Harris from my district in Currias. I love love love my zone and district here though. The elders are great and i love the sisters too. 
    Ha ha so there is an investigator that we are teaching right now (the one whose baptism fell through his name is Adisson) and he is sooo funny. man! He calls me janice joplin. I dont know why but he does. and he just makes us laugh the whole time. He is a bit of a scorpion (scorpion means a boy who has a crush on the sister missionaries and snake is a girl who likes the elders.) but he is really good. This week i did a division with sisters in Potengi i went there for 2 days and a sister came here. when they went to visit Adisson the first thing he asked was "where is Janice?" ha ha i thought that was funny. 


Here in Brazil they do the normal stuff for easter.  What i am going to do is teach people about the resurrection.   It is soo cool. there is a video that you all have to watch.   I pass out a ton of cards with this video on the back.  Everyone needs to pass this video along on insta and facebook and twitter and stuff.   It is great I don't know in english but here it is in porkandcheese and you all can figure out how to get it in english.   
(Momma note:  Here is the link to the video.  #becausehelives  It is a powerful short video about the Savior!~Momma Baker)

Ha ha well i love you all! Pray that i can find more investigators!! Who is excited for general conference?!!!??? MEEEEE!!!!! i am sooo freaking excited. Pray that i can get a ton of people to conference. 
well i love you 
love, sister baker

And here is another instagram picture from Barbara!  Doesn't it make you want to squeeze her face!  I miss that face but I'm glad that she is serving in Brazil and that Barbara gets to squeeze it!  ~Momma Baker

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