Monday, March 23, 2015

um só fé, um só senhor, um só batismo

Well kids, here i am in Green City, Cidade verde and lemme tell ya. It is named green city for a reason. it is sooooo green. how pretty! i love it! how neat. my new area is actually really hard. It's rich and the majority of people live in apartments or a house with a giant gate around it. so its really hard to get ahold of people to talk with them. when we mark a time with the people to visit them they don't come to the fence so we have had a really hard time having lessons let alone baptisms. so i decided that we need to work a lot with the members. i am planning on a barbeque or something with all the young men and women so they can all bring a friend and we will get a ton of new investigators. It's a good thing that the members here are so good. They will probably save us. Speaking of members, you will never guess who is in my ward here in Cidade verde...... BARBARA!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh when i went to church on Sunday and i saw her and her family i almost died!!!! I screamed and ran to her and we hugged for like 10 minutes. nossa!!! It was so exciting. 
   A couple good things about my area is that there is an açai place where you put as much açai as you can fit in one bowl for 10 reis. Which is siiiick! and the members are really really good. I have already made so many friends. and also on Fridays and Saturdays there is a bar that plays live music so i get to fall asleep to live music. That's on the bright side. Also i really love my comp. She is a sweetheart. We have a lot of fun. 
    Some things not so good about my area is that there are tonz of churches of satan. we have an invesigator from the church "bola de neve" roughly translated to "snowball" yes you heard right the church is called snowball. i guarantee that this church is not the same church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth i can tell you that. they have a surfboard for the pulpit and they love to sing and dance in church. an apostacy if i have ever heard of it. we also have an ex-investigator who is a pastor of a church that he created (ps is you created it, it isn't the church of christ) i kind of had a little argument with him. i should have calmed down but i didn't. Don't worry it wasn't a real argument, he just thought that Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost are one person and they're not so i gently explained that they aren't one person that they are indeed 3 different individuals and my comp explained as well but he wouldn't listen, he would talk over us. So we decided to just listen for like 20 minutes to him rambling on and on about all of the conversations that he has had with the Holy Ghost about money and stuff and it was not the Holy ghost he was talking to i can tell you that. and so after 20 minutes i said, so you have expressed to us what you believe, can i express what i believe and he was like yeah sure so i started to explain and the second i started he interrupted and interrupted and for those of you who know me, you know that 1) i like to be right 100% of the time and 2) i don't like to be interrupted so i raised my voice just a little bit and said "excuse me sir, but we listened to you, i would like to express what i believe now!" and so he said alright and then i tried to explain how they are one in purpose, but 3 individuals and when i said that he started to yell over top of me again and so i got really mad and just continued to talk and talk and talk and said everything that i needed to say and then i bore my testimony and we left. Now every time that he sees us he yells "they are just one!" and we yell "in purpose!" yeah, maybe i shouldn't do that.... it just makes me a bit mad sometimes.... i will be more calm now. 
   Also... breaking news did you know that the americans that built the mormon church are running from the government and they are escaping to Brazil and mexico? wow! I didn't know either! oh my gosh. i got mad sometimes this week. 3 different people said something to that effect about the "mormons" i really hate that nickname. It never means anything good. Everyone needs to use the real name of the church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It says everything right there. It says that this is the church of Jesus Christ and that these are the latter days and the saints are people who are following Christ. So that's what you need to do. 
    I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. It was good. I talked about the restoration of the church of  Jesus Christ and how we have all of the same things in our church that Jesus taught in his church. It may or may not have been lesson 1 in preach my gospel that i have given more that a thousand times, but don't blame me! They called me 15 minutes before church started while i was picking up investigators. 
  Also we went on a hike to the sand dunes. It was soooo fun! I have pictures, but i forgot my cord to send them so you'll just have to wait. 
Anyway, i love my mission. i love you all 
the church is true, the book is blue
I love portuguese and everyone should learn it.
I love you. kisses! 

love, Sister Baker 

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