Monday, March 9, 2015

With love from Alecrim

New Companion Sister Cieslack,  Sister Baker and a lot of Acai!

Saying gooodbye to Sister Lencini

So fam i got transfered! wahoo! i was super sad leaving and when i said goodbye to everyone i cried and everyone cried. that was rough. my investigators cried. the members cried my comp cried and i cried. it was rough but i am starting all over here in Alecrim.
Alecrim is completely opposite in everything. In currais it was dry dry dry here in Alecrim it is soooooo humid. So humid that you feel it in your eyes and the pressure on your chest. I like it, not going to lie. Currais was totally a town. A little baby town and Alecrim is more of a city. There is soooo much information going on all the time. Alecrim is close to a beach. The área of the elders is a beach, but our área doesn't reach the beach. i am glad because we cant even enter the sand on the beach and that would be such a tempation. But if you go to the second floor of a house you can see the dunes. It's really pretty. i am in love with my new área. and my new comp is awesome. I love love love love her.  Her name is Sister Cieslak (pronounced c-s slak) she is sooo motivated to work work work. She is the sister training leader here, which is kindof like a zone leader but just for the girls. but this means that she has a ton of responsibility.   So we are busy busy busy all the time.  I love it so freaking much.   Man its good to work hard.
Well i have a couple of stories already. First miracles are really real.
Well before we leave the house we have to have a livro de mórmon in our hands. I gave mine away in the bus station so i had to grab a new one but the house was all out except for one old moldy one that was tattered and torn. i didnt want to grab it but i did anyway.  In a lesson we read the dream of lehi about the tree of life so i opened my livro de mórmon and guess what was inside. 70 reis. wow!!!!!! we were so excited. and youll never guess what we did with 50 of the 70 reis.   We bought 5 kilos of Açai. yup thats right 10 pounds. of açaí. yum. i sent pics.

Second story. we are teaching a cute little old man.  His name is Miguel.  He loves to tell us stories and stuff so we just listen a lot of the time because thats what he needs.  He will be baptised next week and we are super happy about it.   He is adorable.   He is super depressed.   Its super sad and i never see him smile so the other day we decided to sing a couple hymns for him.   His face just lit up. We sang several hymns and when we were done with the lesson and ready to walk away he called out after us and said "you two look like two angels. thankyou" it was soo stinking cute. It made me so happy to maybe be a little angel in someones life.  I love that.
Well i think thats all.  I am working as hard as i can.   This time is soooo short.  I have to use every single minute.   I am so grateful for my mission.
I love you all! be good!!!
love, sister baker

This is a sweet note from Joc to me.  It is just so her so I wanted to share it. ~Momma Baker
I am sooo happy to hear from you. You sound great. I am soooo happy mama. i love my new área. This is going to be a great transfer. I am loving it already.   I am so excited to work hard. i am loving working hard with Sister Ceslak. It has been really hard for me to be a leader here because i am learning so much and i am lost half of the time but i am catching up really fast an i am soo happy to be able to start all over and learn more and use my time on this short short mission wisely.
 I am so grateful for a God who knows exactly who i am.  I have had 2 people tell me they can really feel the spirit when they are around me. That made me feel good. I didn’t realize. I am trying sooooo hard and I can see all my flaws that sometimes i forget i have some good attributes too.   i sure love you. i sure love to hear all about your life. Always tell me more.   I love you soo soo much.

love, sister baker

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