Monday, March 16, 2015

Have fun being married to Satan!

Momma note: "Have fun being married to Satan!" is a quote from a movie.  If you know Joci you'll probably laugh at this statement!  At least we know she is still Joci!  ~Momma Baker

Well fam, you guessed it, i taught a lesson to satan this week. No this is not a metophor for i killed it, its a metephor for i really am 80% sure i gave a lesson to satan. Remember last week when we baptized that young man Edivan? Well his mom is not a very nice woman. We passed by his house the other day to give a message to Edivan but he wasn't there and it was just his mom. Well she started yelling at us. She said all sorts of crazy random stuff about how we are trying to take her son away and how her son has to obey her rules and stuff and how he was already baptized in the catholic church and so she screamed at us until we left her house. Well Edivan is really important to us so we passed by hoping to get to talk to him without his mom and a miracle happened and he was in front of his house so we talked to him really fast about how no one forced him to be baptized and how he felt so good about being baptized and how he has to receive the Holy Ghost the next sunday. So we were trying to talk to him and his mom comes around the corner with dark cold eyes. I swear she was not herself and she starts screaming at us and we tried to talk to her calmly and tell her that we weren't taking her son away but as soon as we invited the spirit in she started throwing a fit.  She broke down sobbing and screaming that we were taking her son away and stuff. She grabs her 25 year old son and shoves him inside screaming the whole time and screaming at us and he is trying to explain and we are trying to explain and she is just screaming and when she turned the corner she started hitting her 25 year old son screaming at him and then running back to the door to scream at us and then running back to scream and hit him and run to scream at us. It was horrible!  As we walked away the only thought that was in my head was "have fun living with SATAN!"

Well i don't want to write anymore. We just got a call from the President (just now as I'm sitting here)  and i have been transferred to Cidade Verde because of an emergency.   There is a sister who has problems with anger issues and she needs to be transferred here.  So well thats that.  I can' t concentrate any more. I really really reeeeaaallllyyy liked this area  and i don't want to leave.   A lot don't want to leave.  I really loved my comp and i don't want to leave.  I can't think about much anything else.  Well. i love you all.   Pray for me!   I will be happy and fine but it'll be a long day.

 ps i went to McDonalds. That was sweet and we ate the last of our açai. 

i love you all

A quick note to mom~
mama i love you '10 much i don't have any time left to say anything else but i loved your email and I love you.   I did see Jakes call and i cried a little bit and maybe wet my pants.   I will find the people who need me.   I love you. love, sister baker 
 (Momma note Joci's best friend Jake just got his call to Santa Maria Brazil!  She's very excited to say the least.  His mission is about 2,500 miles from her mission.  Also her best friends Sophie was called to California, Breanna was called to Australia, Alyssa was called to Cincinnati and Jessica is waiting on the Stake Pres interview.   What a sweet blessing all of these friends are to Joci and what a blessing all of these friends are going to be to the world!  ~Momma Baker) 

Alyssa, Jessica, Jake, Sophie, Breanna and Joci (picture)

McDonald's is a happy place!

The last of the Acai!

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