Monday, March 2, 2015

Will I stay or will I go?

Well kids, i feel like i am running out of time here in Currais Novos i'm almost 100% sure that i will be transferred this week. That's a bummer.  I have really really grown to love the people here. It will probably be harder to leave these guys then it was to leave you guys because there is a possiblity that i will never see any of these people again. That is so sad. Its my first transfer out of an area so i have no idea what to expect. But today will be great i feel and tomorrow as well. Everyone here is doing something for me before i leave. Everyone wants to give me some kind of present or make a delicious dessert or something before i go. Yesterday i ate something called Cartola. lemme tell ya, thats good stuff. Cartola is fried bananas with a choclate syrup thing on top with cheese and sweetened condensed milk on top. It sounds gross but its really good. ill make it sometime alright? Well we have 2 baptisms marked for next week that i will never get to see. That's sad, but i guess i cant do anything about it. also Sebastiao will get to go to the temple the next time the members of the ward here go. He will do baptisms for the dead. I would love to see him in the temple. He really has come a long way. I will miss him so much as well as his wife even though she didn't accept the gospel. she keeps saying "who knows maybe when we move to sao paulo to be with our kids i will be baptised" and i keep saying "why not now!!!" i get frustrated with her sometimes and i just have to remember to have patience. Its the hardest when they know its true and they still dont want to accept it because they think they are too old or they want some sort of big sign that says that they need to be baptised. We try to explain how the spirit works and that maybe two missionaries knocking on your door is a sign but they just have really hard hearts. What do you do? That's rough for me. The people who come so close and get a testimony and love the church and you testify and you know that the words coming out of your mouth aren’t your own because you don’t speak portuguese as well as you are sounding and you feel the spirit so strong when you are testifying and they just harden their hearts. That happened with Lucrecia (wife of Sebastion) i testified with all my strength and words were just coming out of my mouth and i knew that it wasn’t me talking it was directly the spirit. And Lucrecia felt the spirit and recognized it was the spirit so she got up and left the room. I was not very happy. That as hard.
Its a fridged 75 degrees here. Everyone is using coats and jackets.  Mom I use the blanket you made me every night just so you know!

Well i am kind of teaching someone from taiwan. (I think its taiwan) she only speaks english and whatever language they speak over in taiwan. So i get to help out a bit. Thats been weird. I don’t like speaking english. I talked with duiji (served a mission in colorado duiji) in english the other day and he thought it was so funny how i talked in english. He said that i have an accent now. A brazilian accent and that my english is horrible. great! Now what! I cant speak english! How am i going to communicate with my family? But i thought it was funny too. When you speak just portuguese for 6 months i guess it starts to take affect. Funny.

I think I'm leaving Currais because i have been here for 5 months and one person leaves almost every transfer so that they can show the next person around the area and they usually don't leave people together for more than one transfer so 3 is really rare and so i will leave or sister lencini will leave but i have been here longer so the only reason i would stay here is if i was to train a newby and i only have 6 months on the mission so I don’t think i will train. but who knows. I will be sad but i will have a really good next area.

I loved hearing about sacrament meeting.  (Momma note: In sacrament meeting someone in our ward talked about an experience with his 4 year old son skiing for the first time.  The boy said, "Dad I'm scared but I'm trusting you."  He then related that to us and our Heavenly Father and how just like his son, we can say "Father I am scared but I'm trusting you" and we can point our skiis down the hill and try hard all day with a smile on our face.   I shared that with Joci in my letter with my feelings.) I like that comparison. I feel like that all the time. I feel like that right now. The president of the mission visited us the other week and we each had interveiws and he said that i would be a senior this transfer probably. I am scared but i just have to trust in the Lord. I am excited as well i am always excited for new things and i am always excited for an opportunity for a challenge.

Well that's all i got. Pray for me. I have been a bit depressed about leaving Currais the last couple of days.  This might be really hard for me.
Give grandma and grandpa a hug for me both sides of the fam. I miss them.
Well i love you. i am praying for each of you. if you need anything lemme know.
i love you all
-sister baker

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