Monday, February 23, 2015

The blessings of Language Barrier

So i am speaking the language pretty well now. I still have troubles of course but i am speaking enough to get by. But every now and then i think i know whats going on but then i actually dont... so i may or may not have agreed to something that i shouldn’t have.  Don’t get your undies in a bunch it wasn’t anything too bad. In all honesty you will see the hand of God sooo much in this story.  No matter how crazy it is. 
Firstly, this week i fasted that we would have a baptism every week this month. We didn’t have a baptism. I think that it wasn’t Heavenly Fathers will that we had a baptism every week. He always has something better in mind.... 
So duiji (less active served mission in colorada awesome duiji that i talked about last week) came to church last week. A real miracle!!!! and he brought a friend Cybelle. When Cybelle recieved the invitation to go to church she felt like it was really the hand of God in her life because she was feeling alone in the world because she just moved here from Peru. so of course as missionaries we all wanted to teach her but we all thought that she was in the area of someone else and so not one of us picked up her address and phone number. So after she left we all asked on another and no one picked it up. So i took it upon myself to get it. so we went to duijis and he didn’t have her address but had her phone number so we got her phone #. When we tried to call it turns out that we didn’t have any minutes left on our phone so we asked the elders if we could borrow their phone and they didn’t have any minutes so a couple days later we went to Mariquinhas house (remember mariquinha the mother of all missionaries) and used her phone to call her. She was super excited that we had called and told us that she liked us the first minute that she saw us and i told her that we really liked her too and wondered if we could set up a time to go and visit her. The only time that she could was on saturday. a bit of a downer that it wasn’t sooner but we were just happy to be able to meet with her. On saturday when we went to her apartment we realized that the address she had given us was the same address that someone else had given us that we met on the street. We had planned to meet with the other guy right after Cybelle. But he had moved and Cybelle was now living in that apartment. (coincidence i think not!!!) so we went up to her apartment but her sons were playing a game super loud and so we decided to meet out in the hall. we almost started when her friend next door came out and asked us if we wanted to meet inside their house. Of course we said yes and we all went in to their house. we talked and talked for 3 hours. It was such a good lessons. Cybelle is a teacher and really likes to study, Graça is a teacher as well and she says that she is very curious and loves to find out answers. Ailson almost was a father (you know the fathers in the catholic church when they sit in that little box and the people confess their sins to him and say "forgive me father for i have sinned") so he has a lot of questions so we just sat there and answered a lot of questions and discussed gospel topics is was really good. They were all super interested in the Book of Mormon and that Jesus Christ came to the americas. They didn’t know that and it was great to see their faces light up when they heard that he visited the people here in the americas. at the end we invited them to church and they of course said yes. Everyone except for Ailson we talked a little bit more and then he said 'alright lets all go to church!' and i got super excited and said "yes! lets all go!" but i have a little bit of a language barrier... he was meaning lets go to the catholic church... and i agreed. so Sister Lencini saved my skin and said that we would go to both churches. So thats what we did. We all went to the catholic church at 7 in the morning and then went to the real church of Jesus Christ established on the earth a Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos últimos dias. We brought 6 people to church. A new record for me i think. It was awesome. That night we marked a baptism for Graça and today we will mark the baptism for Cybelle. I definately saw the hand of God in my life this week. i am amazed at how much God is in the lives of every single one of his children. He is so mindful of them. He wanted us so much to teach that family that he gave us the address 2 times, he brought a less active member to church and worked through the hands of him. Graça is rarely home on the weekends and she just happened to be home that weekend. Everything just worked out. I am so happy about that. 
Well thats my crazy story. Its not that crazy but it sure helped me to know that really there are people in this world being prepared for the gospel. 
I had a really great week this week. I was able to do some really good work and study really hard. It rained 3 times this week and i got a little sick because i stayed out in the rain too much and took a freezing cold shower but i am better now. Next week is transfers but i will have pday on Monday still. The president changed it. So i will be getting on the internet like regular monday. 
I love you all! Thanks for your prayers! thanks for your support. i pray for you all! 
love, Sister J. Baker

Mom Note:  In Joci's letter to me she expressed her gratitude for all of the support from family and friends.  She feels so blessed.  She is concerned about having enough time to write to everyone.  She said she should only be on the computer for about an hour and with all of the emails that she is getting (which she loves) she just does't have enough time to answer everyone back.  Starting next week she will be writing one big email to all of us.  She feels bad that she won't be able to answer everyone but wants to be obedient and knows she will be blessed if she obeys.  She also asked me to thank you again for all of the support and prayers.  She feels the prayers and is so grateful.  She would also love some snail mail letters because she can keep those and read them again.  She loves everyone so much and just can't express her gratitude enough.  Thank you so much!  We appreciate everyone's love and support! ~Momma Baker

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