Monday, February 9, 2015

It RAINED in Currais!

 So a miracle happened and it rained in Currais Novos. A real live miracle. This has really really strengthened my testimony in the power of fasting. you know how they say that faith is nothing until it has been tried, well i tried my faith 2 times fasting for rain. The whole congregation of the Currais Novos ward fasted for rain and 3 days after it rained cats and dogs. So good. We were so happy about it that we took a shower in it. It wasn’t just a little baby rain too, it was a pour. So sweet. I almost cried i was so happy! Barbara was with us and so we all held hands and ran down the street jumping in puddles and screaming and laughing. It was wonderful. Then we went up the street a bit and found Sebastion (our recent convert who did the sign of the cross before he got baptized) he was watching us and laughing as we ran up and down the street. So naturally we asked him to take a picture of all of us in the rain. Now lemme tell ya. That was a sight to see. ya just have to know Sebastion for this to be funny. He is just a hoot. i think we laughed more at him trying to figure out Barbaras iphone then i have in weeks. He would take one picture and then laugh for a couple minutes and then take another and bobble his head and laugh. Lucrecia, his wife, just watched us laughing. it was such a good moment. Well we couldn’t really go visit anyone soaking wet so we returned to our house to wait out the pouring rain, and we ate pop corn and Chi marrom (a warm herbal tea that is not contrary to the word of wisdom) and talked and laughed. That was really heaven. I love that. 
So one thing that i have learned lately is with good things comes bad things. With hard things come good times. The hard thing for this week was that everyone decided to tell us missionaries that our church wasn’t true and that we were doing everything wrong. That was a downer. Last week we had a really good investigator. When we went to his house to pick him up for church he wasn’t there. His mom said that he went to the Feira and so we were pretty discouraged because nobody was going to come to church with us so we went to the Feira because thats where everyone is on a Sunday morning and there was our investigator sitting on top of a wall. I called to him and told him to come to church with us and he was like "yeah lets go! sorry i forgot church was in the morning" and so we went to church. After church we went to go meet him at his house. His mom was there again and she chewed us out. Yelling at us that she didn’t like what we were doing and how dare we take her son to church with us with out her permission (he is 32) and just chewing us out. So we left feeling pretty discouraged. The next thing is that a pastor from another church tried to tell us that we were doing everything wrong too. Anything that we said he would disagree with. We left with saying that "everyone was invited to church because our church is open to all children of God and you are all children of God so you are all welcome there" and he yelled at our backs that "no not everyone is children of God! Rats aren’t children of God!" There were several investigators we lost because they "didn’t agree with all of the things in our church"   We tried really hard with them but there are just some people who don’t get it and who just don’t want to open their minds. Its really hard when we just invite them to pray and ask God if what we taught is true and they won’t even do that. That’s really hard. But with hard things come good times like the rain and now we have several investigators that are really ready for the gospel. We brought the bishops dad to church and the bishop cried and the kids were on the verge of tears. That was a really good moment for me. He will be baptized on Saturday. And we went to the wrong house when we were looking for the house of a referral and we ran into a family that is interested in the gospel. That’s so good. 
Anyway the moral of the story is, God will send you the good if you can have patience through the bad. 
I love you all! I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Thank you for your prayers and support. I pray for each one of you. 
love, Sister Baker

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