Monday, February 16, 2015

Carnival is over! You can all go to church now!

This is the Bishop's Dad, Joao.

So this week is carnival. Lemme tell ya, the brazilians know how to throw a party. If it wasn't for all the gross stuff that goes on at carnival, all the naked people and all the drunk people and all the other stuff... it would be super cool. But it is really hard to get people to go to church when they are all out of town for carnival.  We had really full church of a mind blowing 50 people in attendance for sacrament meeting. Thats a downer.
      We had a baptism this week. His name is João. he is the bishops dad. He was a really miracle. really and truly. everyone had been working on him for years and years and no one even believed that he was really getting baptized but he did and he is really changing his life. i am really happy about that.  
    My week was really really hard this week. I was really homesick. all i could think about was everyone at home and how much easier it would be to just go home and i was literally counting down the days and hours until i would be home. It was really rough. i am not proud of that fact. So thats sad. Near the end of the week it got better though. i just really need to focus on the work. Thats really hard sometimes. I love you all sooooo much. Its just hard sometimes to not think about all of you, but hey thats what happens i will have bad weeks and i will have good weeks. When my week started to get better is when i realized all of the people i am loving here and how much i will miss them when i am transferred. So i thought that i could talk a bit about a couple of people i really love here.
    I think my mom and the rest of my fam must be really righteous and really praying for me because everyone one has taken such good care of me. 
First is Mariquinha. She is the mama of all missionaries. She is the kind of person that never ever gets done serving. Her house is always full of people. of family of non members of missionaries of people that she just found on the corner of the street, of friends of family of members of the ward. We had just about as many people at the house of mariquinha for dinner as were in attendance for sacrament meeting. Mariquinha looks like she could beat anyone up. She's the kind of person that if you don't know what she is saying you think that she doesnt like you. but she loves everyone. I really love her. 
 next is Preta. She is like my mama on the missh as well. She is great. She is super hippy. She is a member. I really love preta. every sunday at 7 we all go to her house for tapioca and eggs. everyone says that i am like her little child that she likes to dote on. I really love her and her cute daughter luna. Luna is the cutest spunkiest child. She is the one that i have the most pictures with. I am teaching her piano. I love that little girl and i want to take her home with me. ha ha.
  Next is Duiji. He is a less active member who served a mission in Colorado. I love duiji. He is only less active because he was really offended by a couple members. HE loves to hang out with the missionaries. He likes to talk about american stuff with me and he always makes american meals for the missionaries. He gave me some mac and cheese! wahoo! i love that guy. He is super funny and likes to teach us how to outsmart catholics and evangelicos. We have had a couple people try and bible bash with us. Its good to defend our religion because here a lot of churchs teach against our church. Thats rough so i guess he is just getting us ready. 
And you all know Barbara. She is saving up monies right now to come to the USA! Wahoo!! i really want her to come visit. She moved to Natal so i don't see her very much only like once every month when she comes to visit her mom in Currais. I really love barbara. She is one of my best friends on the missh. 
Well there are a lot more people like recent converts but that's all i have time for this week! i sure love you all!!! Pray that we can baptize 2 families next week. We have 2 fams lined up. I am super excited.   I hope all goes well. I love you guys!!   i am praying for you.   Thanks for your prayers. 
love, Sister Baker

Mom note:  There are 2 different hikes from 2 different pdays. Joci says that they got up early to go on this hike.  She loved it.  She saw a  Coral snake that was really cool~don't worry it wasn't poisonous we checked!  "Red on Black a friend to Jack,   Red next to yellow is a deadly fellow!"  She thought it was pretty cool to see.  

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