Monday, February 2, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a magical place where it never rained. The end.

        Well here i am in Brazil Natal. It is hotter than heck. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter. This past week was so dang hot i think i sweat 3 gallons of water. Its super super dry here in Currais Novos. All of the places where people get water from is all dried up. They have started importing water from Natal so that we all have drinking water. It is so stinking dry. It has rained about 2 times it 3 years. This week we all fasted for rain. Man it is dry and hot. Right now i heard that Currais Novos is the driest city in all of brazil. Every one here is super worried. I think that God is trying to tell the people here to remember Him. I have this theory that if everyone stops going to the feira every Sunday morning then God will send rain. (The feira is that wonderful thing i told you about that has the super cheap fruit.) Apparently the feira is the best on Sunday mornings and so everyone and their dog goes to the feira. You dont know how many investigators we have lost because they will never go to church because they would rather go to the feira. People are forgetting about God and forgetting to feed their spirits because they are so focused on feeding their bodies. I think i should be like that one guy who got up on the wall and preached repentance. I should do that. Get up on a building and start shouting for everyone to go to church. Do you know how many lessons i could count that as? so many!!! I dont know ill think about it.
    There also are tonz of misquitos. Which is odd because there isnt any water... but there are tonz of miquitoes. and everyone is getting Dangue. They have these trucks that have bug killer and they go around spraying it in the air with big huge pipes. I hope thats healthy. 
    We had another baptism! Her name is Luana. I talked a bit about her in my last email. She is a sweetheart. She is so pure. This has strengthened my testimony that God is preparing people for us to teach. She is just so sensitive to the spirit and so ready to accept everything about the gospel. I sure love her. She is the cousin of a member in our ward (The members name is Luciana) and we got the reference from Luciana to go to the house and to invite them to church. She had already recived a visit from Elders and it didnt work out but then with us i guess it was just the right time. She accepted everything. It was wonderful. At the baptism, Luciana bore her testimony about how she was the only member in her family (other than her husband and child who is 3) and how she wants her sisters and cousins to accept the gospel and now they are starting to accept it. I just thought how wonderful. I got to be a part of bringing this family to Christ. I was chosen to be an instrument in the hands of God to bring families together. Thats what im here to do. That is why im away from my family and friends so i can bring other families and friends together. I am so priveleged to be able to do that. 
      So this week for personal study i read a couple conference talks. i read one, i think it was    Jorg´s i forgot his name but it talked about 6 things that we can do to strengthen our confidence in the presence of God. I love love love that talk. One part that i liked was when he said "become really really good at repenting quickly and thoroughly." He then talked about how we have access to the atonement 24/7. I knew that but i didnt realize it. I have started to repent more frequently and more thoroughly. It has really brought me closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When i realize that i messed up i immediately talk with my Heavenly Father and say "Father i messed up again im sorry im going to do 'this' to fix it and 'this' to never do it again." its really good because its a prayer that never ever stops. because i mess up a lot but i am so grateful that we can do that. We can repent and talk with our Father in Heaven so easily. Its wonderful. 
     Well guys i hope you have a good week and i hope that you always remember Heavenly Father. Notice the things he does for you every minute of every day. 
i love you all! thank you for your prayers and for your support. 
I am praying for each of you!
love, Sister J. Baker

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