Monday, January 26, 2015

I looooove the people in Currais Novos!

So this week was pretty great. One thing that i have been noticing lately is that my portuguese has improved TONS! I was sitting and conversing with a bunch of brazilians and i didn’t even realize that i was understanding everything and responding to everything until after. It was such a great feeling. I have really really been able to talk. I am also starting to think in portuguese. Right now its just translating everything i want to say in my head or everything i am thinking into portuguese but it is a step in the right directioin. It also helps that a new Elder came into our district straight off the plane. He started about where I started and it just makes me realize how far i have come. Sometimes he looks so lost and i know exactly everything thats going on. people ask for me to translate to him which makes me feel good because i was in his place where i didnt understand anything just 3 months ago. Now im not saying that i can speak perfect or that im fluent or anything but man have i come a long way. I have a long way to go but i have come a long way. I didn’t realize but the shock of being away from home and the culture shock has worn off as well. Mariquinha (a member that is like a mother to all the missionaries and always has food when we need it) fed us my favorite food Fava. It is a type of bean and has the bones and fat of some animal at the bottom of the pot. It is delicious. My favorite. When i first got here i was like 'gross! thats what everyone warned me about' but now I'm totally used to it and i love it. 
   So we have a baptism marked for next week. She truly is elect. Man we love her. She is a reference of one of the members. The first time that we met with her we thought that the lessons wouldnt go too far because she didn’t really want to meet with us or talk with us. Turns out she is just really shy. After a while she warmed up a little and we are really good friends. i love her to death. The first time she went to church she started crying and we all wondered why she was crying and if we did something wrong but we talked to her after and she said that she felt the spirit and remembered a dream she had. She dreamed that she loved Me and Sister Lencini and was baptized and she felt the spirit so strong. Wow. I am so excited for her baptism. The next lesson we left a scripture for her to read. We returned the next time and she said that she read and that she couldn’t sleep so she spent a lot of time reading and studying the scriptures and look up stuff on the internet and stuff and that she loves the church, she knows its true and she wants to be baptized. Man those are good words to hear. She said that before we visited her she had heard a lot of bad things about the church and that she had a lot of questions but now she is willing to accept it all and she can hardly wait to be baptized. Lemme tell you as far as getting people to accept our message and be baptized and come to church, this week was sooooo hard. But God always blesses those who work and man has he blessed us. I am so excited for her baptism. I can hardly wait. 
   I love my area. I loooooove love love the members and my recent converts here. I know that i stayed here in currais novos for a reason and i am ready to baptise everyone in this next transfer. 
   So we have started "projeito emagracer" "Project to get skinny"  I’m fat man. I feel like a truck. So we have started to go to the gym. Wahoo. we have to wake up a bit earlier but its worth it becuase i dont want to be a truck in a year and 2 months. man. But ill get there dont worry.Its really hard because when people love you here, they give you food. So at almost every house i go to they try and feed me. I have recieved more mangos and chocolate bars and popcorn bags then i can count. And cake. They love their little cakes here. Thats something i really like about the people in the north east. They love to give things to people. If people find out that you like something they will give you that thing. Its wonderful. People here found out that i like mangos. I dont have enough fingers and toes to count how many bags of mangos i have recieved. They all come up to me at church or at their houses when we visit and say "so i heard that you love mangos so i got you some mangos!" Man. I want to be more like them. That is something i am working on. 
Well everyone. Thats all i got for you. I sure love you all. i am very grateful for your prayers. I am praying for each one of you.
Love you all!

Love, Sister Baker

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