Monday, April 13, 2015

Ups and Downs!

Note from Momma:   I love Joci's honesty.  I love that we always know how she is feeling, the good and the bad, the happy and sad!  I really love Sister Baker! ~Momma Baker

    You know on the mission there are ups and downs. It’s really weird. You can feel on top of the world one minute and then feel like you are walking in the hot sun and wasting 1 and a half years of your life the next. It’s a bit crazy and it’s got to be satan. ha ha. But really, this week was awesome and dumb. I had some really good experiences and others not so good. 
One thing that was really cool was i got to feel the spirit really testify in some of my lessons. we met a really sweet girl. Her name is Edivania. She is 18 years old. When we gave her the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel i felt the spirit so strong. Sister Oliveira started out the lesson with how God is our loving Heavenly Father and she explained about prophets and apostles and the ministry of Christ on the earth and then i got to explain about Joseph Smith and the first vision and how he restored the church that Jesus established on the earth. When it got to the part of the first vision i used the words of Joseph Smith. WOW. The spirit just came. She started to cry and i teared up a bit and at the end i told her that the feeling that she was feeling right then was the Holy Ghost testifying that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. She said that she knew it was true. It was such a good experience for me. 

Another great thing that happened was that Jose Rosa was baptized!!!! wahoooo!!!! I am sooo happy about that man. He is really an elect person. He is inviting all of his friends and family to church and loving the gospel and everything. It’s so great I’m really happy about it. 
 Then the next second i feel trunky and i start thinking that i don’t even make a difference here and that i’m not working hard enough and that i need to be better and that i will never be good enough and that everyone says that i got called here for a reason and that everything happened so fast for a reason but i don’t even know what that reason is!!! Man! That’s hard. But then i look at all the people i love and i feel a bit better. i just got to tell satan to get the freak out of my head!! ha ha. 
Well another exciting thing is that i saw a spider the size of a small rock!! (it was as big as my fist) crazy man! 
Well thats all. I feel happy for the most part. and i am loving the people i am serving with and i love my comp and my recent converts and my area and my investigators. I just have to have a happy attitude. 

I love you all. I feel all your prayers. 
Be good

love, sister baker

I'm not sure what some of the pictures are but most of them are just Joci being Joci,  ie climbing the walls and doing push-ups? and jumping on the bed!  Ha ha!  You gotta love her!  ~Momma Baker

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