Monday, June 8, 2015

Nada nada nada

 Well this week was normal. It was a little bit dumb, because we didn’t baptise anyone. That’s stupid. and we didn’t have very many investigators that went to church which was sad too, but thats ok. We are going to try harder this week. thats for sure. I don’t have much else to say ha ha. One of my companions is going to go home this Tuesday because she has a health problem i dont know much about it but they call it lupas? Something like that. It’s pretty serious. I feel bad for her. 
   We are having a lot of success with a new activity we are doing in the church. We were having a struggle with the members and our new converts and investigators because sometimes the members forget to get outside their own little bubble and help other people so the new people in the church were feeling a little bit lost so we started an activity every thursday to help everyone become a little bit better friends and its been working really well. Oh my goodness sometimes its ssuuuuuppper funny. I have some videos and some pictures that i will have to show you. It’s great. Man i really really love serving as a missionary. I have loved getting to know new people. 
   This week i was suuuper missing my first area in Currais. Man you just get to know and love people and then you leave them behind that’s sad! I want to visit them. I want to see my recent converts and the members in Currais again.
  Sometimes i struggle being a trainer. It’s hard because i don’t know what i’m doing, but i really love it because i can teach a new missionary how to work. She is suuper excited to just get to work. Sometimes i have to teach the lessons all by myself, but don’t worry we will work on that. ha ha and sometimes its hard but i love her and i love helping her out.
   Well, that’s all i’ve got! Have a good week everyone!!! 
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers
love, sister j. baker

Note from Momma Baker  Here is a portion of my letter.  She is answering a bunch of questions that I asked her in my letter.

dearest mother, i will answer all your questions hmmm lemme start....
I am good. A hard thing about my week is only one investigator went to church and another ran away from a baptism interview. So that was dumb. A good thing about my week was that i had a lot of laughs. I really really love the girls that I'm living with. They are sweet and suuuper fun. We always are joking around and laughing. I felt good about it but i really need to do better. I laughed a lot and I don't cry very much on my mission. There is always something more important to do then sit on the floor and cry. That's one thing i have learned from the mission. Before the mission, you know better than anyone, is when i was faced with something that seems really hard the first thing i do is cry and then i get up and do it. But now I don't cry i just get up and do it. Ha ha. I have only cried 5 times on my whole mission. (2 in the MTC -1 when I found out about Faf passing away and 1 when I was struggling with learning the language) 2 when i talked with you all on skype at Christmas and Mother's Day and 1 when i had the worst day on my mission.  My testimony has really grown a lot. I learned about the phrase "cumprir toda a justiça" i don't know the direct translation so you will have to look it up in 2 nephi 31:7.  The atonement makes a little bit more sense and i have been able to feel a tiny tiny bit of Gods love for his children that I don't even know. It's something spectacular. Also the book of mormon. I finished for the first time in portuguese so i stopped reading and started reading pmg. But turns out that when you don't read the book of mormon, your life goes down the drain and you start to feel sad, so i started to read again. ha ha.  I wish that you would send me more letters. (Mom note I asked her what she wishes I would do for her) But just that. (Mom ~How are you feeling about your mission?)I'm feeling crazy about my mission and i still have to baptize a family and i still have to send a recent convert on a mission. I made a list of things that i need to do with the last 9 months of my mission. I have a lot to do. ha ha. 

I loved hearing about your adventure. Tell grandpa that i love love love him and give him a hug for me. I wish i could have been at the celebration.  (Momma note- We just participated in the Payson Temple cultural celebration and dedication. It was a beautiful experience.)  It sounds like it was magical. 
I love you sooo much mom. You are a blessing. I loved the email and i love hearing about my family. I will pray extra hard don't worry. (Mom note- the kids are going on youth camps this week, lake powell for Zac and Al and St George for Kaiti) i love you 10 much
love, sister baker 

Cute Sister Missionaries on pday having a little down time...and some silly time...

Just Joci being Joci

A very useful umbrella?

Enjoying the rain

Pink kool aid?

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