Monday, June 15, 2015

I've got a boyfriend!

Well fam, you heard it ive got a boyfriend. He is 9 years old and has a mental disability which makes it really hard for him to sit still for a long period of time. He is Klebione´s son. I dont know if i already told you about Klebione but my goodness i love her to death. She has been going to church for the last couple of years. Her two sons Paulo, my boyfriend, and Kevin already got baptised and so we went to her house to see why she hasn’t been baptised yet. Well it turns out that she lives with a married man, which is dificult. But anyway she has a lot of problems but she is the sweetest human being alive and i love her. At first i thought her situation was dumb. All she needed to do was break up with him and that if we taught her about chastity enough, taught her and just laid it out how it was and tell her that she was sinning she would realize. But when we started to teach her a lesson on this i just started to feel terrible inside and i stopped and then stopped my companion and we gave a lesson about simple things like prayer. So when we left i had a feeling that we needed to be best friend with her and teach her how to live all of the gospel and if she is living the gospel she will feel like she needs to change something in her life. So the next time we went we spend an hour and a half at her house washing her dishes and talking about life and home and family and taught her a lesson about fasting. Then after a couple of days we went and talked about reading the scriptures every day and sat and talked with her. Then the next day we went and talked a bit more and invited her sons to make visits with us to some houses. Then the next day we went to her house and she completely opened up and told us everything and explained her situation and her doubts and everything. My goodness it was very powerful and we are getting somewhere now. She said that she is ready to make a change in her life and now its our job to help her make that change. It was really cool how we were guided by the spirit to help her needs.  I love this family. I have been blessed to meet so many people that i love. It’s amazing!

 We also had a baptism this week. Man this baptism was the hardest i have ever seen. She has received the missionaries for 5 months. Her name is Fatima. it turns out that she has been a leader of a different church and she said that she didn’t like the mormons and that she would never ever go to their church. But look at this she is baptised!!!! Heavenly Father really is preparing people. So many things happened in her life in the exact right moment. I marked her baptism 5 times and every time she would run away or have some kind of excuse. Finally we found out what was happening and solved the problem and now she is baptised. I feel so privileged to be part of her conversion and to be part of the missionaries that baptised her. 

Well fam, i hope you all had a great week. Thank you for your prayers. I love you all.
love, Sister J. Baker

Notes to mom and dad

Thank you mama. i am so glad that you had such a great week. I love to hear about everything that you do. I prayed for everyone to be safe. I am so glad that everyone returned safely. It sounds like the boat day was a success and i think you all should buy a car. Because vans are ugly. ha ha. 
You guys are doing awesome but oh man the vision from the missionaries point of view is totally different. I think you all need to work hard with the missionaries. Do things to help them. Send them to non members houses, less active and non active members. They can do miracles! But also you have to do your part. Sometimes you have to be annoying and alllllllwwwwaaayayyys invite people to church and always invite for activities. I love what Pres Quesenbury (mom note~our Stake Pres.  We just had stake conference) said about hastening the work. I always feel like there is something more to do. 
I’m sorry if it looks like i am chewing you out. It’s just that here we have a lot of problems with the members and their lack of willingness to serve and to give of their time. and I really don’t want my own family and my own ward to be that  difficult. I know you aren’t but we all can do better. You are awesome and i love you.

Thank you for you letters.  i just really really love to receive letters (snail mail). I think its soooo fun!!! ha ha. and also i love you.
I hope that you have a wonderful week. You are the best mom. and I think you are doing better than you think you are. 
I love you 
love sister baker

Dad, Thank you for your advice. I was thinking about the being 100% obedient this week. and i am doing good but i could do sooooooo much better. That is definitely something that i will work on. I have let it a couple things slide because i am so stressed out, but i really could do so much better. I thought a lot about that. Thank you for your advice. I will try harder to love her and to love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. With having a trainee I found out that I’m not very loving and sweet and tender. I think i need to work on that. I am a good friend but I’m not a good motherly person you know? I need to work better on that. and i can show my love for her and for Jesus and God by obeying. 

well i am really mad at you because you went out on the boat without me!!!! I miss the boat soooooo much. I didn’t think i would. 
Hey buy a car. buy one like the little red one!!! That will be cute!! You don’t need a van any more when i get back i will be all growed up and i will need to move out. 
Hey good luck with the rest of school and with Dred. 
I love you and i thank you for your support and always praying for me and making me feel loved.
love, Sister J. Baker

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