Monday, June 22, 2015

9 Months!

Well Sister Baker has officially been out 9 months on her mission!  Apparently in the Brazil Natal mission they have a funny tradition of taking a picture of being 9 months pregnant at 9 months on the mission!  A bit confusing to see without an explanation!  Funny girl! ~Momma Baker

Well, this week was boring. We didn’t have very much progress with any of our investigators and we didn’t have very many people in church and we didn’t mark any baptisms. It wasn’t a very productive week. I am trying so hard and i am suuuper stressed out because there is a lot of work for me to do. I am working my tail off and i am really tired. Sometimes i feel like i haven’t done anything with my 9 months here on the mission. But i am trying thats for sure. 
    I took pictures on my 9 month anniversary of my mission. Dont be scared I’m not pregnant. (Momma note: in the Natal mission it is tradition at 9 months to take pictures of being 9 months pregnant.  Kind of funny!)   I just thought it was really funny to take a picture like that. lololololol
    We had to cut a lot of our investigators this week which was really sad. We were teaching a man names Fernando Neres. He is a really good man and he is really interested in the gospel and he has a desire to learn more and to read the book of mormon. I could see him being a patriarch or a stake president, but his wife HATES the church with a passion and she doesn’t like us very much either so he said that maybe it was better that we didn’t come and visit him anymore. There isn’t much that we can do when they say that. I guess just pray for them? It’s sad. 
    Klebione, i think i talked about her a little bit. I love her to death. But she is moving out of my area so we can’t visit her anymore.
    But hey! we are trying to get more investigators and we are making the best out of it. 
I really love the mission, just sometimes its hard. :)
I love you all thank you for your prayers. 
love, Sister Baker

The baptism is of Fatima, the hardest baptism i have had in my mission. i hope that she stays firm in the church. She is wonderful. 

Baptism of Fatima

The little boy is my boyfriend.  He has special needs and he is craaaaazy!!! He makes it really hard for his mom to go to church.  Kleibone is his mom.

Kleibone and son 

I had a really hard time waking up this morning because i am soooo freaking tired. I can’t even explain the tired of a mission. It’s not body tired, it’s not spiritual tired its just really really tired. It’s like a deep tired of tired. haha But i woke up at 6:30 as usual and just half laid and sat on my bed and Sister Lopes came in and pushed me off of my bed and then put the bed on top of me. She’s a goof. She is like a replica of me. I think we will be friends forever. 
ha ha. The mission is awesome. its just hard. haha.

 Mama i saw an owl. There are tons of owls here. They are the kind that live in the ground. They are beautiful. It's sick!!!! and also its rains every single day. I love it. 

I love you.  Thank you for everything mama! This week will be better. I know it.  (Momma note:  Joc has high expectations for herself and she was wondering this week if she has done any good on her mission.) It's just that all of the sudden i was senior and then now i'm training someone how to be a missionary and i don't even know what i'm doing.  It's just i don't know, i'm just a little lost that's all.   I will try those things this week.   I will think about you all and how you love me  and the people I have helped and i feel a bit better.  I just know that i need to be doing something different to do better. I will keep trying and one day ill get it right! I am helping people. I guess i just haven't baptized everyone in brazil yet and i don't know. ha ha. I love the mission. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you. Thanks for helping me. You are a wonderful mom. I am who i am because of you. Thank you for everything.  
love, Sister J Baker

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