Monday, February 1, 2016

January 25-It rained and rained and rained...

January 25, 2016

Sooo it rained the whole entire week and it wasn’t like a sprinkle. It was a whole down pour. Man it rained. One of the coolest parts of this week was when we were teaching a lesson in the street and it started raining so we ran under a tree and finished the lesson under a tree. It was really cool to hear the first vision under a tree while it was pouring rain. Soooo pretty. 

 I think its starting to hit me that i will actually go home one day and it freaks me out. I don’t know how to be a normal person. I just know how to be a missionary. Sometimes i find myself thinking that everyone wakes up and 6;30 and walks in the street all day and preaches the gospel but then i realize that they don’t and I won’t do that here in a little bit and then i start to freak out and i have to sit down on the street and drink a coke. It’s rough. I’m not going to lie but actually my companion says that i am dying better than any other missionary she has met. We work every single day all day so that’s good. I’m not going to finish my mission until i get to the airport in Salt Lake. 

This week it just rained a lot. We met a really cool family. We started to teach them and also we went to a training to all the missionaries in the whole world and i learned a lot. but thats about it. I love you all have a great week. 

love, sister j baker

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