Monday, February 15, 2016

GH com forca

Kkk so this week was good. Finally carnival came to an end and everyone came back home. sadly,many people came home drunk and didn’t want to go to church and other people were scared to get baptised so they ran from us... but other than that its awesome. This week was sad because we had 4 people suuuuper excited for baptism and at the end of the week we didn’t have a single one. I’m sad about that but we still worked really hard and we were able to have 9 investigatores at church which means that next week we could have a lot of baptisms. We will try our very hardest to baptise a lot of people. I’m excited. and also we tripled our goals of lessons taught and new investigators. I think we are the first sisters to do that. Wahooo!!!!
 This week we had interviews with Pres. Soares. It was really good. He said for me to work really hard. So I’m working. 
  Also it was valentines day yesterday. They don’t celebrate valentines day here. They celebrate Dia dos namorados which is boyfriend/girlfriends day, but its in June. There is an american that lives here and he gave us oreos for valentines day. That was cool. His name is Brad. He is married to a brazilian and lives here and teaches a school.
   The cutest thing happened this week with one of our investigators. He will be baptised on Saturday. (Luiz Neto) I think i already talked a bit about him. Well, at church we showed him the baptismal font where he will be baptised and we explained a little bit about how it would happen, where he would enter and everything and we asked him if he was excited. He said yes. We asked him if he was nervous and he said "yeah, I’m nervous for my baptism, but I’m more nervous to serve my mission!" HE IS 12 YEARS OLD!!! I thought that was soooo  cute that he was already thinking about serving a mission. Man i love that kid. He is soo cute. He plays guitar too. He showed me how good he plays. I just want to put him in my suitcase and take him home!!!! ha ha
  Well i love you all have a great week full of safe fun and adventures. 
i love you
love, sister j baker 

Then Sister Baker sent this home:

Hey i have something to tell you and dad....This week was interview with Pres. Soares and well, i asked him if i could  stay for a bit longer. He said that he would think about it and call me. so yesterday i got a call from him and he said that he would let me stay until April. They will change my flight plans this week and send it to you. I hope that you don’t get mad at me! I know that you are all looking forward to me coming home but i only have one time to serve a mission. I might as well serve as much as i can
i love you
love, sister j baker

Followed quickly by this:

i love you guys a lot. 
I’m just kidding.

I’ll be home in 4 weeks.

That girl!  I'll tell ya! ~Momma Baker

This week Mark and I got to meet Sister M. Baker from Joci's mission.  We also saw her family again as well as Sister Emily Brown's mom and Sister Hernandez' parents. (her comp now)  It is amazing the closeness that we feel with these families.  We talked for hours and feel like they are all family.  When I told Joci she was elated because she loves these Sisters so much.  

Roberto and Lydia Hernandez, Megan Baker, Kristen Brown, Jen and Mark

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