Monday, February 1, 2016

Lesson of GOLD

The Stewart Family, Sister Hernandez and Sister Baker

If I said everything that went wrong this week it would look like my week was horrible. But it didn’t even seem horrible. Just the list of all the things that went wrong is really long. But me and Sister Hernandez lived it up anyways. Sister Hernandez got sick and threw up like 7 million times. I guess the flies are transmitting diseases. But its all good now she stopped throwing up. It rained like every freaking day this week, and so of course Sister Hernandez and i got a cold. If you attached a hose to my nose, you could put out a fire with the liquid that is leaving my nazal cavity. And also our baptism fell through and a bunch of other stuff but we just laughed it off and had a good time and yesterday we finished our week with a wonderful lesson of GOLD.  The spirit was sooooo strong. 

So Fernanda, the pres. of RS brought her two nephews to church and we marked to visit them after church at Fernandas house.  We were so sick we almost didn’t go. But we decided let’s just go visit really fast and then we can go home. So we went. When we walked into their house it was so cool. We both felt a strong connection with them and we started to joke and play with them like we had know them for years. They remind me a lot of my brothers. They are a little bit younger than my brothers when i left for the mission. So we joked with them for about an hour when we asked if we could teach them a message. They accepted and we said a prayer. The second the the prayer started there was the spirit very strong in that house. We taught about the restoration of the gospel and they drank it all up. They asked questions and made comments and understood everything. When we taught about Joseph Smith and said the first vision, man it was one of the coolest moments. The spirit was loving it and testifying a whole bunch. Then we each bore our testimonies. When we bore our testimonies the spirit was suuper strong. Fernanda bore her testimony and she started to cry a lot because she joined the church with the same age as them. Then i told them that i knew the church was true not because of logic, but because i asked God. I said that everything in the church makes sense and i could explain it with logic, but that’s not how i know its true. I know its true because i felt it. Then we invited them to be baptised and they accepted. Then the oldest bit his lip, looked down and covered his face and started to cry. and we said i hope that in a couple of years that you both can share this same message with other people and change their lives. I hope that you two go on missions and they said that of course they would and they would do everything possible to go on a mission. Man. what a blessing. They felt the spirit so strongly and everyone in the whole room had tears in their eyes.
 It was a really special experience. I love those two boys. I wanted to hug them soo badly. 
I am sooo grateful for the gospel. I am so grateful that i can share it. 
i love you alll

love, sister j baker 

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