Wednesday, February 10, 2016

So this  week was good. Have you ever heard of CARNAVAL?! Vish!!!!! Everyone leaves the city to go to a party and all of the jovems go on a camping trip because carnaval can be suuuuper vulgar so lets just say the bishop had to help pass the sacrament because this town is EMPTY!!!!! 

Also i went to help in the area of the sisteres. We did splits Thursday until Sunday.  I went there to help out. It was really good to learn from the sisteres there and help them out.  Also i worked in my area too. I love my area. I don’t ever want to leave. There are soooo many people that i love here and i missed them soo much when i went to the sisters area. Just imagine when i go home. Man. Time is passing by. freaking fast. I have to love it. Just live it up. ha ha. 
I will tell you more stories when i get home. I love you!

love, sister j baker

A note to mom:

My week was good. I’ll tell you a bit more about it in my big email. You all are crazy!!!! Are you ready for me to come home or something?!?!?!? Vish!!!!!! 33 days!!!!! You’re sooooooo trunky! hahahahahaha 

I’m sooo grateful for the mission because now i know why the gospel is soo important. I knew before, but i just didn’t know that i knew. and now i know. It’s soooooo good to understand everything. I want to help everyone understand it. I love it when i am teaching someone and they start to understand. It’s soo good. I love the mission. I’m so happy that you know and your testimony is strong in this.

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