Monday, January 18, 2016

Just for that Thank you...

So this week started out awful. We couldn’t find anyone in their house. It seemed like we just walked around the city for hours and didn’t get anything done. We have been working with Francielly and Elvis for about 2 months now but they went on vacation and when they got back they were super worried about moving and everything and they were all stressed out and they didn’t want to be baptised but then we decided that they needed to be baptised this week and we would do everything to help them out. So we started to pray and we started to do everything possible. We called the elders to come and help us out with the move and they all came. (i love elders.) It took about 2 and a half hours (and 50 reais) but we were able to get them moved into another house.   After that we went to their house and talked about the church and how they felt about baptism and they said they were still unsure but they were going to think about it. So we let them think about it for a day. They read the book of mormon and prayed and everything and we went back the next day. When we got there they weren’t at their house. and then we started to get worried. We called them and they couldn’t meet with us that day (this was on Thursday and their baptism would be on Saturday) so we started to get worried because it started to be really rushed. But we returned the next day on Friday and they told us the bad news. They decided not to get baptised on Saturday. We talked to them for about an hour and a half. we told them that they are ready and everything (they read the book of mormon every single night together and then she studies the book that we are studying in relief society and teaches the lessons to him and then he reads the book for priesthood quorum and teaches the lessons to her. They are suuuuper ready. I never had anyone more ready) We bore our testimonies. We told them experiences. We did everything we could and then we invited them to be baptised again. They still said no that they wanted more time. Then we invited them to pray that night and ask with their whole heart if they need to get baptised on Saturday and to not get off their knees until they received an answer.  We said a prayer and left. That night we received a call from them saying that they received and answer and that they would be baptised on Saturday!!!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!!!!!  It was a beautiful baptism. After the baptism Francielly met us outside of the bathroom and held our hands and looked us in the eye and said "Thank you. Thank you for all you two did for us. Thank you for bringing this to us." I would serve a year and a half all over again just for that thank you. I love the mission and i will return to see them sealed in the temple in a year. 
I love you all. Thank you for your love and support. 

love, sister j baker 

Here is a letter in response to my letter.  I was worried about some of the things I was telling her were making her be concerned about home and I really want her to be able to focus and love the last part of her mission.  ~Momma Baker:

It sounds like you had a real spiritual week. Don’t worry about the things you say i am really focused mom. Everyone comments on how focused i am. Missionaries who are dying (Mom note: ending their mission)usually don’t work like we are working, so don’t worry about it. The phases that i am passing are normal. Everyone passes these phases on the mission. It’s normal. Just be happy don’t worry. 
I love my brothers and sister. They are soo cute. I am excited to give them a great big hug. It’s going to be good to get home, but man am i NOT excited to leave the mission. 
I love the scriptures. They have been such a blessing in my life. I love to read and receive answers to my prayers and questions. I am so grateful for personal revelation. Thank you for sharing you experiences. I love you sooo much
I hope you have a great week. Keep up the good work

love, sister  j baker

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