Thursday, December 3, 2015

Best Thanksgiving Present...

This week was awesome. There were a couple of things that happened that were suuuuper funny... and some others that were suuuuper cool and spiritual. Lemme start with the spiritual. Yesterday Lourdes was baptized. Do you remember the 2 people that were baptised last week? A dad and a daughter? Well, this week the mom was baptised. Yes!!! We completed a family!!!!!! What a happy moment in my life. The dad and the mom needed to stop smoking, and they are working really hard. The daughter is participating in all the activities, and the thing that is the most special is that it was the dad that baptised the mom. A couple minutes before she was baptised he recieved the priesthood! It was sooooo beautiful!!!! To see this family happy in the gospel and to see that they were wanting to be better was the best gift that i could ever recieve. I am sooo happy to have had this opportunity on the mission. What a blessing. I know that the gospel blesses our lives. If you don’t know how the gospel is blessing your life, if you have questions about the church if you have doubts, ASK GOD! Ask him about this stuff. Study. Gain a testimony because from the other side of things i can see everything clearly. Everything is so clear to me that this church is true. And it’s not just  saying i like to say "I know this church is true" but because i am studying it and everything makes sense! But because i am seeing it in my life and in the lives of those who live it and I can tell you that there is a big difference in going to church and living the gospel. Going to church isn’t enough. You have to live the gospel to see how it strengthens you in your life. Believe me!! I know because I see it. I’m on the other side of things. I can see a whole ward and every single problem of everyone because I’m on the other side and i know. I know who lives the gospel and who is going to church because the people who just go to church it seems like they are working against the missionaries. You haave to live the gospel. Let it become a part of you. It’s sooo wonderful when you finally let it happen and stop thinking about yourself and your problems and just live it. It’s wonderful. I am sooo grateful to have seen this on my mission and have learned this. well now i will get off my soap box... ha ha.  
   The other thing that happened was suuuuuuper funny. I have had diarrea for 3 days now... its an adventure... we were walking in the street yesterday and all of the sudden bam! I needed to go and i needed to go not in 3 minutes, NOW. So we started running and we got to the house of a member. and we started yelling for her. We yelled for about 3 minutes and she didn’t answer. She was sleeping. So i yelled "Rita! help!" and she came running "whats wrong!!" "Rita, i have to use your bathroom. NOWWW!" She started to laugh and let me in. She was so nice that she made me take a shower after. What a nice lady and that’s my story.
ha ha. 
I love you all sooo much thank you for your prayers. This month our mission baptized 247 people. That a new record! Our zone baptized 57 and me and my comp baptized 9! What a great month. 
I love you and i pray for you daily. 

love, sister j baker

Part of a note to Momma:

What an awesome week. Thanks so much for the details. That’s exactly what i needed this week. I wanted details of what my family is doing. You know I haven’t been trunky my whole mission. I have been suuper focused. I talked about home and family but I was never trunky, but mother I am trunky trunky trunky!!! I don’t know what happened!!  I think its because this is my last area, in 2 weeks i will enter in my last 2 transfers. I don’t know but I am almost ready to come home. It’s a good feeling because until a little time ago I was suuuuuuper freaking out because i didn’t do everything possible on my mission! Now I look at the list of goals that I wanted to do before I left the mission and almost all of the goals are done! I only have a few more! Which is a good thing. What a blessing!! I'm so happy mom. I'm so happy. I don't ever want to loose this. I am dying to come home but I'm dying to stay on the mission. I love you all soo much. I want all of you to have to same opportunity to have to same kind of experiences. 
I love you a bunch. 
love, sister j baker

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