Monday, December 28, 2015

A trunky week!

So this week was pretty much just a lot of trunkiness. Let’s start with Wednesday. On Wednesday I got a phone call from the secrataries  because they were planning my flight plan. They already bought my plane tickets  so thats going to leave me trunky. ha ha and then Thursday night we went to the stake president´s house. It’s a tradition in his family that they invite all the missionaries in the zone to eat dinner at his house on Christmas eve. So we all went to his house. It was awesome. there were about 22 missionaries at his house. All of us talking and laughing and joking around. It was really fun and we talked a ton about the mission and stuff it was really nice. I really enjoyed myself. it was the best and then on Friday i talked with my lovely family that i love so much. It was soo good to see my fam. and it was good to see how big everyone is. That’s going to be weird to come home. ha ha.  Then the rest of that day we spent at brother Claudios house with his family. They are some of the best members in the whole world. I love them to death. They like adopted me into their family for a couple months until i go home. 
   Then we had to work really hard for the last couple days in the week so that we could get people to church it was a miracle that anyone came to church because everyone goes on vacations on Christmas. haha But we we able to and now we have to start working really hard this week to make up for the last week ha ha. But it’s being really good to work here. I love working with Sister Hernandez. I don’t know if she knows but she has been a real blessing in my life. She helped lift me up when i was having a hard time. I love her a ton. But well that was my week. I love you all  so much!  We will work super hard this week!  Thank you so much for your support.

love sister j. baker

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