Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Momma Note:  This week there isn't a main letter.  Joci wants to thank everyone for the Happy Birthday Emails!  She feels so much love and support!  She said that she got 40 emails wishing her a Happy Birthday!  That is the reason for no main letter.   She tried to respond to each one but wanted me to tell everyone thank you.  Thank you from Joci!  Thank you from our family!  I included Mark and my letters from Joc.  ~Momma Baker

Thanks mama. i love you so much. You are an angel in my life. I’m sorry that i didn’t send a regular email this week. I had 40 emails to respond to this week. Man I feel so much support and love. I love my family and friends. You all are soo wonderful. I have 5 packages in the office that i will get on Wednesday. I’m sure that they are from you, grandma and the Mckees. 
i sure love you. Nothing much happened this week. Just a lot of drunk guys tried to kiss me. But don’t worry, they can’t run after you, they’re drunk. Ha ha. 
I love you
love, sister j. baker. 
ps. You are wonderful and i love you.

love, sister j. baker

I sure love you. Sometimes i don’t want to grow up. But i’m glad i can still be your little girl. Even when i’m 20 yearms old. (oh my gosh im sooo old) and living in Brazil. This week was different. It’s rough starting completely over again in a new area but its ok. We will get the work done here that needs to be done. I love you and i’m sooo happy to hear about our family. I love my family so much. I can’t wait to give you all a giant hug. Hey, sorry my email isn’t very long. I had 40 emails wishing me a happy birthday. I feel so loved and blessed to have soo many people supporting me. 
Thank you soo much for everything. 
I love you dad.
love, sister j. baker

Here are some pictures from friends and family wishing Sister Baker a Happy Birthday!  These are just a few!  So grateful for the love and support of so many wonderful people!  Grandmas and Grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends!

Cousins "The Baird kids!"

Friends "The McKees!"  The big head is an Elder McKee impersenator!
The real Elder McKee is in Santa Maria Brazil on his mission.

Birthday wishes from Grandma and Grandpa!

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