Tuesday, September 8, 2015

About being 20...

 Well, turns out i’m 20. That’s new. It’s a whole different experience. I don’t quite know how to handle it. It’s crazy all this maturity and stuff that just naturally comes when you are 20 years old. It’s really overwhelming. lololol. 
    For my birthday all of the elders and sisters (except my comp and i) had to go to the capital for a meeting. In my district we have 2 sister training leaders, 2 ZL and 2  DLs and me and my comp so we were left alone for my birthday, but everyone called and wished me happy birthday and an investigator made me a cake and we celebrated and we got to do something suuuuper unusual.... PROSELYTING! what!!! But thats ok because we accomplished something really great in our area. 
    This Zone and this area is known to be the "hole" of our mission. But we were able to double the amounts of marked baptisms, lessons and visits that are required of us and we will have 2 baptisms on friday!! wahoo! God is making miracles in this area because this isn’t done a lot especially in this area. I’m very happy to be blessed in this area. It makes me really happy.
    So we have a lot of new investigators that are excellent. The 2 people that will be baptised on Friday are wonderful people. They were ex-investigatores of sister Leal and sister Moraes that were working in this area before i got here but he didn’t accept baptism because he wanted more time and he thought that they were forcing him into baptism so they cut him. But then i thought maybe we should return there and start teaching him again. The first time his wife lied and said that he wasn’t there because he didn’t want to come talk to us but then he came out and talked to us and it was wonderful. He got the same feelings that he used to get talking to the missionaries and started feeling the spirit again and now he wants to be baptised. Man the Lord is doing great things in his life. But he has some great stories. I will tell  you in my email next week. but well. I love you guys a lot. Thank you for your prayers and your birthday wishes. I got all the packages from grandma and the Mckees and you too. I got the shoes. They are wonderful. 
I  loooooooove you soooo much you are a blessing in my life. 
love, sister j. baker

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