Monday, September 14, 2015


Fransisco's baptism

 Wahoo! Well this week was good. We had Fransisco´s baptism. It was pretty great. He is a good man and my goodness, he is huge. He´s like 60 years old and he can beat up anyone that he wants! We had a hard time getting a baptism jumpsuit to get over his shoulders. one almost ripped! ha ha ha. He is half made of iron as well. Listen to this. We had his baptism marked for Friday but he couldn’t make it because he had some health problems. A couple months ago he went out to kill a chicken with a shot gun but when he shot it, the bullet bounced off a tree and went into his forehead and now he´s got a bullet in his head that they can’t take out. But he couldn’t go to his baptism because his nose started bleeding because of the bullet in his head and he had to go to the hospital. WHAT! I know thats crazy. and also get this, He is president of half of Caico, but some people don’t like him very much so when he leaves his house he has to go the long way around because the other way has bad guys who sit on the top of hills and watch for people that they don’t like so that they can kill them and he is one of those people so he can’t go that way. He is crazy cool. I love that guy. ha ha. 
   Also its suuuuuper dry here. Like really really suuuper dry. We have water until December and after December we don’t have water. Pray really hard that it will rain. We need it.
    Well, thats all I’ve got for today. I love the mission. 
I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and your support.

love, sister j. baker

Momma Note: Sister Baker loves music.  She plays the guitar, violin and piano. She has a beautiful voice that makes everyone want to listen.  Music is a big part of her.  I have had several people ask me recently if she uses music on her mission.  I asked her and the following was her response.  ~Momma Baker

 I am using music but not as much as i would like. I want to use it every moment of every day, but i use it and when I see someone in the street playing guitar I ask to play it and it has gotten a lot of new investigators like that, but I would like to use it more.

Happy Birthday!  

The shirts are from the McKees.  Meant for her and her companion,
but don't they look great on the Elders??

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