Monday, September 28, 2015

Training Again!

Sister Braz Sister Baker's new companion

Well, yup i’m training again. I have another child. This happens sometimes. Sometimes there are sisters who don’t train and sometimes there are sisters who train a whole heck of a lot of children. I have 2. I don’t want to have another but I’m really happy that i get to help this new sister. I’m content. 
   My new comp´s name is Sister Braz. She is from Minas Gerais in brazil. She is very cool. I like her. We get along great. I just need to learn to have patience. ha ha. That would be great if i was perfect on this whole patience thing, but I’m not so i guess i will have to learn it. 
   It was a bit hard to work this week because i had to travel to Natal and stay there for a few days to get my kid, so when we got back we had lost 3 or 4 days of work and we had to do everything in 2 or 3 days. So it wasn’t very productive, but I’m sure that we will be able to have a more productive week this next week. 
   A good thing that will happen is that we will have a conference this next week with all the missionaries in the interior. I’m suuuper excited to see all my friends. Man a mission is a wonderful thing. I’m encourage everyone to serve a mission. It’s a blessing. 
   One thing that was cool this week is that i felt the spirit when i talked about the plan of salvation. We explained the plan of salvation for a couple of families and as i tried to explain I realized that it all makes perfect sense. I’m really grateful that families can be together forever. 
I love you all and i’m very happy to be here on the mission. 
Have a wonderful week. Thank you for you love and support

love, Sister J. Baker

A part of a letter to Mom ~Momma Baker

Yup we are all training. Me and Sister Brown and Sister Hernandes. It was suuper fun to travel with them to natal and have a sleepover. It’s a blast. You know mama, i have been so blessed to serve a mission. I wrote a list of goals when i hit 9 months and i have completed almost every single one. and i am feeling like a whole new person. I still have a long way to go for me to feel accomplished on my mission, but at least I am on my way. It’s a good feeling. 
I love you mama and im soo happy to hear that what i said was what you needed. I always want to help.
I love you sooo much

love, sister j. baker

Mark asked her what she eats everyday, how she knocks on doors and who does the dishes???  This was her response:

Hey dad I’m soo good. It’s good to hear from you. I’ll answer a few of your questions... 
I’m eating beans, rice, noodles, and chicken. every. single. day. and sometimes lasagna (its different than utah lsagna) We eat at members houses sometimes. Because this ward is so little that we go without sometimes. Sometimes i do the dishes but i don’t like to in our house. Just in the members houses. ha ha. I hate doing dishes. There are sooo many. Be grateful for the dishwasher alright!!!!! When we knock on doors we clap our hands and sometimes we yell someones name. It’s a little bit more friendly to yell...  i will send you a picture of a house so that you all understand why we have to .
But hey my time is up and i will have to send you a longer email next week. i love you sooo much!!!!!!!!
love, sister j. baker

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