Friday, October 17, 2014

Just Joci!

Week 4

Anyone who knows and LOVES Joci will get a chuckle from this letter.  She definitely isn't your average Sister Missionary!  I think and hope that her fun personality will reach out to many people in Brazil!~Momma Baker

Hey punknuggets!!!
Its crazy to think i have been out for a whole month! the days just fly on by! Each week i write down the stuff that i want to say but this week i lost it on the onibus so i guess ill just have to go from memory.
Now i know that missionaries might seem to be perfect because they are represenatives of Jesus Christ but I would like to let you know that they are not. There are sometimes i have to stop myself and think if Christ were here right now what would he think. Now they arent the same kind of things you would think back when i was home. It is something as simple as dancing. I guess that sister missionaries arent allowed to dance at all. Like even move side to side and snap your fingers. Not even that. And to be honest with you that kills me but i also have to remember whose name is on my chest and who i am representing. Then apparently I'm not supposed to do parkor (mom note-jump over stuff) in a dress. Who knew. NOT ME! I am not trying to impress upon any of you that i am the missionary always getting in trouble but lets be honest here i'm not your average sister missionary. I have a lot of energy. Especially when your trapped in a white room for 8 hours a day. I am just known as the 12 year old boy sister missionary. Only by my district. At Jantar we were eating hamburgers and one of the Elders goes hey Baker I bet you can't fit that whole burger in your mouth! Guess who proved him wrong!!!! Lets just say im ready to not be in the CTM any more. Thank goodness I only have a week and a half left. Now dont get me wrong i still have so much to learn, but lets be honest i was not meant for the small confined spaces of a 10 by 10 room.
  This week we had to go to the police station to make sure we werent going to get deported or anything and do passport stuff and fingerprinting and let me tell you it was an experience. First of all idecided that i am going to adopt a baby from brazil. They are adorable and i want one. Second i have never seen so many starers in my life! I dont know if it is the blonde hair and blue eyes or the name tag or my dashing goodlooks but soooo many stareres!!! One guy imparticular kept on staring non stop, no shame! We made eye contact a few times because i felt eyes on the back of my head for several minutes and so i would look around and see him staring. So anyways i sat down and started talking with my companion and he starts making his way over and im like oh darn. He is going to try to talk to me and i dont speak non portuguese I can only speak gospel portuguese and he is going to hit on me and i don't know what to do. Any way he gets over to where i'm standing and hands me a paper with Jorge and a number on it and walks away. The teacher comes over after and was like whats that Sister Baker? And i started laughing and i told him the story and he started laughing so hard and he was like can i see it? and i was like yeah go for it. So he took it from me and called the number!!! I was like AH! Poor jorge! Well Jorge answers probably thinking it was me and gets this man on the other line and he was all `Hi you know that girl that you gave your number to? well she can't call you because she is a missionary im sorry` and the other guy was like`i just want to meet her` and the teacher was like `you cant do that shes a missionary` and he was like `no really i just want to meet her` and my teacher was like `im really sorry you can't do that bye` we all laughed so hard and he gave me the number back and said hey maybe you should keep this as a reference. So funny. Well that was an adventure. Then we stayed at the police station for 5 more hours and went home and studied for 5 hours and then ate and did service and played volley ball.
Well thats all i got for today. I love you all! Have a fabulous day! and i will write you all letters when i have time!!
the church is true, the book is blue, cya in a little less than 2.
 And i have a challenge! So while i was in the temple today (i can do the whole session in Portuguese now! God has blessed me so much) I thought about how i couldn't call you guys and i how i couldn't speak with you and i got this cool revelation that We can talk to God our Heavenly Father like i could talk to you guys on the phone! Its so incredible! What a great blessing though right!! We can talk to him like a man talks to a man!!
Also read Alma 29. Best chapter ever and also the last 3 chapters of 2 nephi. Book of mormon is neater than neat.
My Portuguese is getting better and better. I can understand sooooo much and it takes me a while to speak but i can always get my point across and we teach 45 minute lessons with just our portuguese scriptures. No notes no dictionaries. We just go and teach. So great!!
Sorry this ltter bounced around a lot.
eu ti amo!

Sister Baker

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