Friday, October 3, 2014

I sometimes forget what language I speak

Week 2-Friday October 3, 2014

Wednesday came and went with me refreshing my email every minute whether it needed it or not!  I got absolutely nothing done other than teach Kindermusik, mop my floor and stare at the computer!  Pathetic!   We knew that the Albee family didn't get a letter either so we figured it was something with their district.  On Friday morning around 11 I got this email!  It was written so quickly there isn't a lot of punctuation and there's lots of typing errors but rather than fix it I decided that I wanted to leave it cause it is fitting for the time that she's in right now!  We enjoyed this letter! ~Momma Baker

My favorite family in the whole world!!
I am so sorry i wasn't able to write to you on Wednesday. boy this has been a long week but it has been fun to. Thank you for your prayers. I did get your dear elder letters but it is really hard to write back so i use snail mail and email and mr cheneys to right back. I  love love love to get letters so please send as many as you can. im so happy for you alex that you played good at soccer and football. you go kid! i wrote al and  zac a letter about the natives playing volley ball here and i think you both will get a kick out of it. kaiti you are adorable and i am so proud of everything you are doing with dance and guitar. i bet you will be better than me at guitar when i come home because i haven't been able to play for so long it feels like!!! zac you better be paitient with the motorcycle and work hard. i want to ride it when i gethome. Dad i always feel so much peace when i read yojur letters and mom. You are in my heart always. I apprecitate how you get promptings and folloow through because no doubt that all your prayers helped me through this week. i am excited to see the new couches. get a sectional i like those. my box in the ctm is 8 i think. and my clothes and shoes work perfect thatnkyou so much for being on the ball withme. i can't send pics in the ctm but i will as ssoon as i get out.
so i have some great stories today.
during the week i sometimes forget what language i speak. I find that there are different pathways in my brain for each language and i forget which one im supposed to use. its rough so sometimes people ask me things in english and i just smile and nod because i honestly dont know what they are saying and then sometimes its porkand cheese. so the other day im walking donwn the hall and these elders are like oy! sister!!! como vai! and im like tudo bem! and then in portuguese they ask where areyou from. This is litterally one of the first sentences we have ever learned but my brain was turned off at the time so i just smiled really big and said mith much gusto tudo bem!!! which mean all is well! idiot. idiot. they laughed i laughed and then i gently ran away. oh justso marci knows every morning i eat a panini and a glass of orange juice. they suerve it every morning and i love it. it feels like home when i eat a panini.
I have another story. well maybe just another idiot joci moment. I dont use verbs. maybe pray for me. I honestly dont use them. I am getting better but my sententes sometimes sound like this `i to feel spirit my heart and peace.` and the investigators just look at me like what the crap. its so embaressing! i know i have to conjugate the verbs so i just dont use them. what an idiot. im praying for that and you should to. the language is coming along great though. i understand what most people say to me i just havve to respond with no verbs. or now it has gotten to when i use them i just dont conjugate them. Alex wondered about my spare time? what spare time>? it doesn't exist! althoughyesterday when we were at our wits end and our brains were litterally fried and we couldn't form sentences in either language we know and we had gone 10 days in a row working for 16 hours a day we played some harmless pranks. there are tons of rows of classrooms in one hall and therre are windows that open across one side of that classroom that lets you have a glimps of the real world and sometimes this guy next door flexing his back muscles in his mirror (that is awkward) and from the window you can see into the next class room if you hang out the window a little bit. So the new kids this week got the class rooom next to ours and they were all sitting in the class room kindo fo stressing out a little baby bit and so we pulled a baby prank. We wrote on my hand HELP ME! and then i slowly snuck my hand over to their window and waved it. they all freaked out for a second and then laughed and laughed and laughed and we werer laughing so hard. and they threw a note into our window and so we spent the next half hour that way. that was fun!!!
so for my challenge this week i want you all to read hebrews 11 and ponder about it and then see what you can do in your life to increase your faith. I love you to the moon and back
eu amou voces!!
tchou tchou!!
 love, your favorite sister missionary sister baker!!!!
i don't want to sign off.
i love you guys 10 much
like a lot
like so much!!!!

This came a few minutes later.  I was on the computer so I asked her a few things but they were lost between messages.  Never enough time with emails!

no really thank you for your prayers. i felt your prayers in the temple today. i know you pray for me every day and i know that heavenly father is watching over me. I prayed so hard in the temple today. and please pray that i will use verbs.  oh and i don't have hardly any time to email so i will write personal letters from now on and just one big email. it doesn't mean that everyone cant email me i just wont respond to each individual email with an email it will just be with a letter. i love you!  im very happy and i dont need anything i am buying candy and a churro today!! i love love love love you!!!! gah!!!! they are kicking me off!!!!!! i love you so so soso much! hug and kiss the family for me and here is a hug and a kis for you!

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