Friday, October 24, 2014

Faith is like a little seed...

Week 5

Fam bam!!
First i would like to apologize for being negative last week. It was just the day. I lost my journal and my food card and my companions were getting on my nerves and the district people were and i had sat in a police station for 6 hours. It was just rough. but it was still good. This week was a whole lot better! so good news is i have 4 more days and the bad news is i have 4 more days!!! so crazy!!! as for the questions i ham doing fantastic. There are 3 Elders in my district going to Natal with me. Elder Albee, Elder Harris and Elder Cragun. They are all upstanding missionaries and i am so glad I’m going to see them throughout the mission and i wont have to fly to Natal alone! Last week 2 sisters came to the MTC that are going to Natal. I was so excited! They are both Brazilian and they came over and started talking to me in portuguese and told me they were going to the same mission and since i hadn’t met anyone who was going to my same mission that was a sister i started jumping up and down and getting so excited and started talking super fast in portuguese to them!! It was incredible! I don’t know where half of the words came from and they were talking back and were all excited! Good time for me! Until i was told to calm down and go back to my sala. Oh well. My favorite scripture this week is probably Alma 32: 26 through34. Its about faith is like a little seed. And lemme tell you why. My companion has been having a really hard time these last fews weeks. This is Sister Clement i’m talking about. She didn't know if God existed and if he did if he even loved her and such. It has been going on since before the mission and before conference she almost went home but she spoke with the president and renewed her faith and she was good again and then she got worse and wouldn’t even talk to any one then an elder went home because he has some problems (not in our district) and she thought oh its so easy to go home so she went to the president again and was like thats it i’m going home! And he talked her out of it again and told her that she could even rely on his testimony if she wanted and just helped her out. Me and Sister Anderson helped her out the time before but she wouldn’t even talk to us this time so we didn’t know what to do. Any way so we were practicing teaching during Additional study time and the elders were teaching us and we were pretending to be investigators and she was just sassing them so bad. They asked her if she had read the book of mormon this week and she was like yeah sure and they were like sweet where? And she just flipped open the book of mormon to something about faith then we started talking about faith and we brought up that scripture and in this moment this was the first time she had ever talked and she was being her self as an investigator. so they were talking to her about that and then they gave her the scripture about faith is like a little seed. She kinda brushed it off and later on that day we went to teach the other investigator during the investigator time and all of the sudden the investigator asked about faith. Instantly she started searching through her scriptures and she prayed in her head for the first time in weeks that she would find the scripture about faith is like a seed she flipped right to it, understood the whole thing in portuguese and started teaching the lesson. She had faith all along and her prayers were being answered all along and she just needed to have an open mind and be willing to receive revelation and she would receive it. Thats why its my favorite this week. I hope you understood that whole thing. It jumped around a lot. 
So a lot of fasting goes on over here. Two days ago i fasted for Sister C. It was the same day that she regained her faith. Man the Lord is great! And today we are fasting from English. I haven’t said an English word since 2 o’clock yesterday. And lemme tell ya, i know more than i think but i have the hugest headache! Geez! speaking portuguese is hard! 
So there are so many words in portuguese that are very similar and mean totally different things. For example melhor and mulher. Melhor means better or best and mulher means women ( women are the best just saying) so if you were to be teaching a lesson on the plan of salvation and you were describing the celestial kingdom as the highest or the best degree of glory you probably shouldn’t use mulher, because that would mean the celestial kingdom is a women. Not saying i did that or anything... k maybe i did. Also another close one is Corpo and Campo. Corpo means body and campo means field. So when saying i cant wait to go explore the places on in the field you definitely should use campo and NOT corpo. Nuf said. Even though i mess up the language a lot its ok because no matter what i say, at least i am trying and i have the spirit. 
I am using music a lot. I have played the piano for church and devos which is good. and yesterday in a lesson ( my last TRC) we were talking about how you can receive revelation when you go to church and i said i like to listen to the lyrics of the hymns especially the sacrament hymns and i sang I know that my Redeemer lives in portuguese and the spirit was there so strong then we read the sacrament prayers. So much spirit. The member at the trc started crying and i teared up a bit it was by far the best lesson i have taught. Man Heavenly Father is so good to me! Yesterday was just the best day!!! 
I got your pictures! Thanks so much! Send more!!!
Well i got to go get an asai bowl which is soooooo good. Its this ice cream kind of stuff not really ice cream but thats all i can think of thats like it and it is made out of an asai berry and you put sweetened condensed milk and granola and bananas on top. Its my favorite thing here so far. Pray for me this next week going into the corpo! I love you all!!! And i am praying for you as well every single day! And if you don’t get a letter this week i am still thinking about you i just have a lot on my plate rn.
I 10 love you all and i miss you ! may the lord be with you! Pray hard, work hard!!
love, sister baker 

BTW i am so excited about the couch!!! that is so fun! It will be adorable!! Good job with the grades kids! you are doing better in school than i did!! woo! Especially nice job in AP calc! i hear thats super hard!! Kaiti would be popular she is gorgeous and nice and funny and sweet!! Nice job at football al!!! You are such an athelete!!! Zac good job at your last soccer game you are such a stud!
I can picture fall at our house and it is perfect and homey! Love! That is something i really miss. I bet it smells a whole lot better there than it does in Sao paulo! The hotter it gets, the more it stinks. It definitely doesn’t smell like your bread mama which is what i want to be smelling. I am so proud of you for doing your substituting stuff! Way to go! You will do great! The kids will love you! Dad is such a hard worker! Good work for getting everything ready for winter! I love you all!! kisses!

love sister baker

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