Sunday, November 8, 2015

Transferred to Mossoro!

November 2, 2015

 Leticia's Grandmother, Sister Baker and Leticia
Well this week was transfers and guess what i was transfered!  I am glad that i got that experience of being in that area and that i got to know a couple of people but I just felt it was time.   I will miss my Leticia. She is cuter than a bugs ear. I love her to bits and pieces and i really will miss her and her grandma that i adopted.  Also i adopted a mainha a mother that took real good care of me. It was good to go to her house when i was super stressed and talk to her and she always made something for us to eat or something. She took really good care of us and she loved me a lot. Her name is Francisca. She’s my mainha. Now i’m in a new area called Mossoro. It’s great here. It’s known on the mission as the best area for the sisters. I think this is going to be my last area. I want it to be. and another thing that changed is that now i am sister training leader. It’s like a zone leader for the sisters. it doesn’t change much about what i do. Just more responsibilities in serving the Sisters.  Also i get to travel to Natal every month to go to the leader´s counsel. I am excited about this part because i get to see a lot of Elders and Sisters that I haven’t seen in a long time that are also leaders, but also i don’t like it because i have to use 50 reis to travel there and 50 reis to travel back so that uses up about 70% of my money for the month. Ha ha but its ok because they will give it back, it just takes a bit for them to send it. So i might go hungry but then i will get skinnier and ill be a babe when i get back home. hahahaha. 
    This area is super cool because there are a lot of people that are set up to be baptised. We will have at least 3 people baptised this next week. One man and 2 little boys. It’s gunna be great. I am so excited and also maybe a girl with 13 years. I’m super excited. 
   Well let me tell you about a miracle that happened yesterday. We went to church yesterday and brought our investigators and everything, but something super special that happened was that when we were going to the gospel principals class a sister came to me and said "Hey theres a man in that class that wants to be baptised. He is in your area. He came by himself and he wants to be baptised." Hapsoighoegji√ßwsaolegawoy how cool is that. He just came because he wanted to be baptised! He just wanted to! What! No one comes by themselves to church and asks to be baptised! It’s a miracle!!!! ha ha So he will be baptised this next week. It just strengthened my testimony that God is preparing people to be taught and he touches their hearts. I am soo grateful for the work i have to opportunity to do and that i can see miracles every single day. I really do see miracles every single day.  When we stop seeing miracles, it’s not because they aren’t there, its because we have gotten so used to miracles that we don’t see them. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and see everything that Heavenly Father is doing for us every single day. One single person that accepts the gospel is a miracle. One person that goes to church is a miracle. When you have money left over in your wallet to get to your new area, its a miracle. When its a holiday in mossoro and all the internet cafe´s are down and a member offers for you to use internet in their house, its a miracle. When you can repent for not trying your hardest one day, its a miracle. Every single day is a miracle. We just need to open our eyes and see it. 
 I love you all! Thank you for your support and help and prayers. Have a great week
love, sister j. baker 

A note to Momma:
Here they don't celebrate halloween, they celebrate the day of respecting the dead. everyone goes to the cemetary and visits the graves of the people that died. they celebrate it today and everyone is off of school and no one is in the street. So its good that it is pday because it would be suuper hard to teach people today. but do you know what i missed a lot? carving pumpkins and eating clam chowder in bread bowls. Man oh man i cant wait to eat that again. 
   im glad that grandma is doing better. i was a little worried about her. i love grandma and grandpa a lot. they are angels in my life. give them a hug for me. 
  well i was transfered. wahoo. and im really happy in my new area. its really great here. i should do some really solid work. I love the members here too. They are great. I think i will finish my mission here. Now i'm sister training leader. I dont know how i feel about it.  Maybe i need to be here helping  sisters. I think i have some purpose to be this. ha ha. It'll all be fine. 
I love you alot mama. you are great. Thanks for your support and help.

love, sister j. baker

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