Monday, November 9, 2015

Awesome Week!

Kkkk well family, this week was awesome!!!!!! We made miracles in our area. One of them being that we baptised 4 people this week!! wow!! yup I’m suuuper happy about that. It’s a real blessing. Lemme tell you about them. The first that i will tell is a little girl. Her name is yane (eee anne) she is a doll. I love her to pieces. I cant send you pictures yet, but in the pictures of her baptism her hair is in a cute braid that i did. Her and her mom really wanted that i did her hair for the baptism pictures. ai she is sooo cute!!!! The other  two little boys are stanrley and stheven. (stanley and steve) they are the cutest little boys i have ever seen. They are brothers. Their mom  works with bounce houses and stuff like that and she went to help at an activity and the members invited her to come to church. She said that she couldn’t because she works on Sundays but that she would send her boys. They went to church 3 weeks in a row all by themselves before we could finally make it to their house. We went to their house and talked to them a little bit and they wanted to be baptised. They have a little boy john that is 7 and he is dying to be baptised too but he will just have to wait. We are now going to work with their mom a little bit. She needs to get married with her boyfriend because he is father of the three boys and they live together, but i think that we can do it. She will be a wonderful member of the church, but  she has to make a couple sacrifices in her life.  The other is Welington. He is a man, about 40 years old who was feeling alone in the world. It was really great for us to help him out. The church is helping  him out a lot because of how good everyone receives him. I am sooo greatful to be serving in this ward. I love you all, thank you sooooo much for you support and love and prayers. 
i love you 
love, sister j. baker

A note to Momma:
Hey mama! Life is good. Ha ha you wouldn’t believe it but i miss even stacking wood. I thought the other day, man when i get back i want to go up to the mountains and cut wood. hahahahahahha. I think i will change my mind when i get back because man i didnt like it when i was there. hahaha. I love my family. what a great thing have a family. 
Zac is playing the guitar!!!??! That’s soooo great!!!! I love that song its one of the last ones i learned before i left. It’s really pretty.  Film it and send it to me!! Please! I  have a question what did you do with my guitar? Are you playing it? Is it in a safe place? i just want to know. 
  This next week is the primary program and i get to help. Sometimes i feel like i have 10 callings. I teach doctrine classes i help in the primary, i gave a talk, i play the piano everything. Ha ha but i like it. It’s ok. ha ha
I’m glad to hear that everything is good at home. I love you all.
It doesn’t matter what you send theres only 4 months left.(today) i love you
Mossoro doesnt have rain, just a little tiny bit today. It’s about as hot as Caico. Sometimes a little bit hotter. My comp is Sister Gonçalves. She is great i arrived in natal with her. She was in my group. 
I love you soooooo much mama.

love, sister j. baker

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