Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet times

August 24, 2014

We tried to get some pictures of Joci before she left on her mission.  She was so excited that we had a hard time catching her serious!  What a crazy sunshine she is!

Jocelyn and each of her siblings wanted some one on one time together before she left so they each took a turn just being together.   Mark and I loved go to the Temple with her.  I also enjoyed the one on one time helping her get ready to go on her mission.  Sweet times!

Joci and Alex

Joci and Zaccur
Joci with Dad and Mom going through the Temple
for the first time.   We went to the Timpanogas Temple.  

Joci and Kaiti
Kaiti and Joci had a fun date. Kaiti planned and payed for the date!
The day included lunch,  long boarding, making carmel apples and
getting pedicures!

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