Thursday, September 18, 2014

I want to be a Missionary!

September 16, 2014

The day has arrived!  Our family woke up and ate breakfast together, then loaded all of Joci's luggage!  Mark gave Joci a father's blessing and we said a Family Prayer (preceeded by the Baker Family Prayer song! Moaning included!)  The airport was a joyous, peaceful and happy time that left a hole in all of our hearts!  It was one of the best and hardest things our family has done.  We know that Joci will bless the people's lives in Brazil with the message of the gospel.

We met this Elder as we were saying our Goodbyes.  Joci said "Where are you going on your mission?"  His response was "BRAZIL!"  Joci "No way, me too!  What mission?"  He said,"Natal!"  Joci yelled "ME TOO!"  Then she gave him a big high 5!  I think his name is Elder Allbee?  His parents grew up in Salem/Spanish Fork and they live in Manti now.  Just opposite of Mark growing up in Ephraim and living in Salem!  It was a good connection to make and the Mom's felt better that the missionaries were not alone!

After the hugs and goodbyes the next part was the part that left the holes, seeing her walk away!  Just when we thought she was going, she came back a little ways gave us a big teary smile, yelled "I love you!" and gave us a wave then the brave girl was off on her mission! 

One last wave and I love you!

and she's gone...on her way to Brazil!

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