Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good luck Sister Baker!

August 31, 2014
Jocelyn spoke in church before she left for her mission.  Many friends and family gathered at our home throughout the day and following weeks to wish her well.

"I'm going to Brazil!"

Jay, Michelle, Aiden, Gabby, Emma and Jocelyn

Grandpa and Grandma Stilson

A quick family photo 

Taylor Family~Nate, Julie, Mattie, Ethan, Evan, Lottie and Joci

Jake and Joci

The Baird Family~Craig, Jill, Jordan, Braden, Leisel, Brielle, Megan, Tanner  and Joci

Brother Alex and Jackson

Tessa, Alyssa, Sophie, Joci, Jessica, Breanna

Andrew, Elise and Keith Willmore and Joci

Kaiti made this "Sister Missionary" cake for Joci!

Amy, Chris, Millie and Mari Mason and Joci

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