Monday, October 19, 2015


  After so much work and sooooooo much work and even more work, we FINALLY had a baptism. We baptised a cute girl named Leticia. She is 13 years old and she is the sweetest person i have ever met. I love her whole entire family. They have adopted us. When we go to visit them we arrive at there house and they welcome us in and give us hugs and smells and food. (im going to get fatter) She lives with her grandma who calls me her granddaughter. I freaking love them. She is so sweet because almost everyone in her family doesnt want her to be baptised (other than her grandma) and starts telling her all of the bad things about the church and making up lies about the church and stuff so its been a journey for her but she has a really strong desire do what Heavenly Father wants her to do. She comes to us with these questions to see if its true or not and to see if she is doing what is right. She is teaching her family to pray and read the scriptures. she is a wonderful girl. I am so proud of her. and she is so happy in the church.
    Im not going to lie, its really hard in this ward because everything is disfunctional. Not everything, but its so small that i have to play a big part of the ward. I taught the young men and woman´s class on sunday. its our responsibility to do a lot of stuff. It’s hard because i know how it should be but its good that im trying to help them out. Another thing that is difficult is that sometimes the bishop is really hard on us. when we make a mistake or have someone to baptise that is under the age of 12 he gets mad at us. but i know that he has the best interest at heart for this ward. But now we are all workin together. The members are helping us our and the bishop and his wife visited a couple families with us the other night. Its still hard and it feels like i am walking up a hill pulling the ward, but they are getting a lot better. i have a real strong desire to help this ward. 
    Let’s see... what else happened this week. we found a couple new families to teach. its a real miracle because we have mom, dad and children to teach. this doesnt happen very much. in this ward there are 2 complete families. We need more families, but Heavenly Father is blessing this area and i hope that we can baptise these families. 
  I love you all so much. Thank you soooo much for your prayers and support. 
i love you!!!

love, sister j. baker

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