Sunday, October 18, 2015

An Unexpected Spiritual Experience!

October 12, 2015

 This week was good. Heavenly Father is working a lot in our area. Miracles are happening and i am starting to live by one rule. "ever tried, ever failed, no matter. try again, fail again, fail better." I am failing better and better every week. ha ha. One thing that i learned in conference that came back to me right now is the very first conference talk. I had one question that i asked before conference. you know how you are supposed to write down a couple or questions and they will be answered in the general conference? Well i did that. The only one that i really wanted answered was this: "Is Heavenly Father proud and happy of the work i have done so far on my mission?" and the first talk answered that question. I received the answer that yes. He accepted my work. I can still do better there is a lot more to learn but He is satisfied with the work that I have offered Him. Man i am a failer but one thing that i haven’t done is give up. Sometimes I really wanted to but i didn’t and i think thats one of the biggest things i have learned so far. The mission is perfect. 
    I will share a spiritual experience that i had this week. that was a slap in the face for me. yesterday we were walking in the street with the Elders and we were on our way to visit a less-active member. Then out of nothing 2 drunks passed in our front. This is very common so we didn’t think much of it. The one was sooooo drunk that he had passed out and the other drunk was carrying him on his back. We looked at them and walked right on past. Normally i cant’ do anything about it because, well, what would i do? and i was kind of impatient because we needed to finish visiting people or we would reach our goal that day. But my companion said "hey let’s go help them!" and i was all like "No come on! what can we do?" so me and 2 other elders sat on the curb while my comp and another elder went to talk to them to see what they could do. The next second we look over to see the one elder trying to help carry the passed out drunk. This elder is suuuper skinny and doesn’t have much strength but he was trying to help and all three of us looked over and had the same impression at the same time "what are you doing sitting on the curb. You are representatives of Jesus Christ. Go help!" So we all got up and went over to help the one elder was much bigger than the others and he went over and picked up the drunk man in the fireman’s carry and started to walk in the direction of the man´s house. He didn’t walk just a little ways. He walked for about 7 minutes carrying this man on his shoulders. The drunk man started to throw up all over the elders back until his pants and the back of his shirt was covered in throw up. But he kept walking until we reached the mans house. We left the man there. After that we continued on with our day. but that experience stayed with me that whole day. How many times do we pass someone who needs our help? How many times do we feel a prompting of the spirit and we ignore it. Now that whole street saw what the missionaries did for a drunk man that they didn’t want to help. We will go back to that street and everyone will be a lot more receptive to the gospel because of my companion who listened to the spirit and the elder who did something that Jesus would do. I am very grateful that they listened and the next time i will listen too. 
   I am sooo grateful for the miracles that are happening every day in my area. I am trying to be a little bit more like Jesus every day. I fail every day but then the next day i know that i can fail a little bit better. I love you all!!!! Have a wonderful week and look for a way to help someone this week. 
   Thanks for your love and support! I love you all!
love, sister j. baker

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