Monday, December 1, 2014

Repulsive: the adjective of the week.

Pray!  That's all I can say!  Pray for Joci and all missionaries because the work that they are doing is hard.   Heavenly Father must have so much faith and trust in these young Sisters and Elders because they sure go through some hard things and come out stronger and better people.  I keep asking myself am I trying as hard as Joci is?  I sure love my girl.  ~Momma Baker

I was looking for a good adjective to describe this week and i think i settled on repulsive. first things first. Sometimes when its hot outside you just have to go without a shirt right? I guess. It shouldn’t be that way man! keep your shirt on! remember when all us kids were little and we would sit in midget mode like a little animal or a dinosaur or something? Thats how this lady was sitting. Just like a little animal with no shirt on. Everything just hanging in the open. gross. very gross. Secondly i was walking down the cobblestone street and i saw this gut clipping his toenails with a huge gross rusty knife! That was really gross too. Thirdly if i have to smell alcohol again i will vomit. One of our investigators named Eli-joão decided to start drinking and smoking again. He has gone for a long long time with out either and we were trying to convince him to get married so he could be baptised but his girl friend is kind of a snot rag. but we were so close and all of the sudden he just decided to start drinking again. So we went to his house to teach a lesson and there he was sitting at the side of his house drinking away. I nearly vomited. The smell of alcohol is definately the worst smell in the world. The next day we went back to se if we talked some sense into this drunk guy ( not likely) and there he was with his friend smoking and drinking. It was repulsive. I almost threw up that time. And the 4th thing we went to the hospital 2 times this week. They don’t have an insta care so if you have a cold or if you have cancer or a broken arm, you go to the emergency room. Lemme tell ya, i wouldn’t trust this place. I went there once before and forgot to tell you all. They think that the answer to any problem is a shot. Well i will be the first to tell you that its NOT! When i went i have a fever and a sore throat and i didn’t really know where they were taking me really. I figured the doc would give me some meds and send me on my way and then i wlaked into this hospital and there were flies, the floor was dirty, the sheets that they were gunna make me sit on were a gross color and had stains all over them. The walls were gross it was just gross and they were like alright i think we have to give you a shot. And i was like LIKE HECK YOURE GIVING ME A SHOT! So of course i did the most mature, adult like sister baker thing to do and i bawled like a baby! I was not going to let them stick me with the needle of death! I walked by a plastic bag filled with chicken guts sitting on the side of the road. The water here is brownish green and i bath and wash dishes in it! I was NOT about to let them stick me with that needle. Anyway... back to the subject at hand. The one time we went to the hospital this week was because my comps had a cold. So they went and got a shot (idiots) and the second time Sister Do Vale had menstral cramps and a sore throat from having a cold and over exaggerated A LOT and so we had to take her to the doctor. That place is of death i’m telling you. There was this old lady there with a foot swollen twice its size and was gapping open and leaking yellow puss all over the ground. it was all white and purple and red and im 67% sure i was looking at bone. It was gross. and there was this old homeless guy that threw a fit in the waiting room and started throwing the garbage can at the ground that was uncalled for. Well there you go! That was my week. Repulsive as heck. well everyone is still catholic thats on the down side, i’m not fluent thats on the down side but on the up side we have 5 people that will be baptized either next week or the week after! Im healthy, that’s good. I have a family who loves me and i love them, thats on the upside and i worked my tail off this week. Thats good too. You know what? It doesn’t even matter what other people do it doesn’t matter if i don’t baptize anyone else and it doesn’t matter if i i get turned down with every single person i talk to. It doesn’t matter if people laugh at my portuguese or if people get annoyed when i follow every single rule. I am accountable to Heavenly Father out here and i am trying my best. My very very best and i am happy to be exhausted at the end of each day because if i wasn’t it would mean i wasn’t working hard enough. I love you all! Keep on building the kingdom of God!!
All my love, Sister Baker

This is in response to my letter:  
sounds like a freaking blast. I didn’t have hardly any time at all today. But know that i’m fine, i’m learning patience, faith and humility and i’m praying for you!!! I love you with all my heart! And everytime you sing or remember the song you sing every morning for family prayer, pray for me and i will do the same k? Thats how we will be united by prayer. I love love love you!!! i’m fine! i hope you are too!! 

Sister Baker

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